We start the show with some important personal news before Chas and David welcome Jamie Brisick to the podcast. The boys analyze why backwards politics seem to plague the surf world, philosophy, psilocybin, Kooks and Currens, and Jamie’s 30-foot schlong. Enjoy! (Originally published July 1, 2019)

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Jamie, can you please write one of your signature captions for me? Just leave it in the comments. Thanks. @jamiebrisick


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New Submission: Having a Personal Photographer

Kooks and Currens archive:

GoPro on the nose of your board Rash guards over a wetsuit Booties with trunks Puka shells Holding your board wax towards torso Front zip wetsuits Gath Helmet Bringing A Ukulele on a surf trip Having surf brand stickers on your board

Barrel or Nah?

Abstract Instagram Posts?

Short John Wetties?

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An alternate angle to @KellySlater’s epic session at Barrinha ? ?: @leonbarbalhofoto


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