Today’s episode of ‘Shaping Surfing’ features surfboard shaper Jeff McCallum. Jeff McCallum builds surfboards in San Diego California with an unwavering focus on quality. Quality is a word that gets thrown around pretty frivolously in surfboard building, so Jeff explains what exactly constitutes quality, it’s cost, and how to scale it with the growth of the business. Jeff is somewhat reclusive so it’s a real treat to have spent an hour with him and be able to bring that hour to you. His engagement with the media, or lack thereof, is just reflective of his personality and the fact that the dude is busy making surfboards by hand. And that’s where I found him, in his factory on a Tuesday morning at 9am, just a mere 12 miles north of the Mexican border. I hope that you enjoy today’s show.

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Jeff McCallum – Snapshot from Tim Mantoani on Vimeo.

6’0″ Heading to skeNGkwerks today. Inside @atacama_surf More info: mccallumsurfboards.flo@gmail.com (858)405-7856

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Something for everyone. And yes all the bags are reused and recycled as much as possible @visslasurf #creatorsandinnovators A post shared by MCCALLUM SURFBOARDS (@mccallumsurfboards) on

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