In today’s episode Scott outlines his quiver for his upcoming Telos trip and embarks on a new diet in preparation. David then surveys the toll of head trauma on professional big wave surfers while Scott fears the Coronavirus. The boys then celebrate Jeff Hakman, Sunset Beach, and predict the fall of a great Superpower. Plus Dukes, Kooks, and more!

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@ruben.vitoria scoring somewhere in the Basque Country last week ? Video: @jeanpidron

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Here’s Billy’s wipeout sequence . . .



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Crazy scenes yesterday in Morocco w. @billykemper breaking his pelvis. Read the full story over at @stab.

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And here’s Albee’s update:



Noah Waggy in Elude


Surfers for banishing Equinor from the Bight, but more importantly Sean Doherty for organizing it into a cohesive narrative and even a dialogue. 

From Jake Howard’s article on Stab . . .“After a long, public battle to save the Bight from oil exploration, it appears all the energy and passion have paid off. Norwegian oil company Enqinor announced Tuesday that they would be discontinuing their $200-million plans to search for oil in the turbulent southern waters. In a statement, Equinor ceded that their plans were ‘not commercially competitive.’ In other words, they couldn’t make the numbers work. It’s worth noting, that attempts from other oil companies in this region have also met a similar fate. BP abandoned plans to drill the bight in 2016. Chevron followed suit in 2017.



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Just got the news through that Equinor have pulled their plan for the Great Australian Bight and are currently kicking a can back to Norway. Best Tuesday news I’ve had in a long time. They’ll try and save face and say it was the economics and the oil price, but the real reason is what you see right here. For every single person who paddled out around the country, and for all you legends down there in the Bight who’ve been fighting this for years, take a moment to fully appreciate what you’ve done. By paddling out and speaking up and fighting this colossally stupid idea, you’ve kept the Bight wild and free and saved it for future generations. Couldn’t be more proud of you mob. Go have a beer. I just cracked one at 10.45am. #fightforthebight

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