In today’s show Scott and David discuss the joys of exhibitionism but the dangers of voyeurism, the fallacy of handmade craftsmanship, Ethan Ewing’s trite approach, and Scott aims for a respectable 3rd place. Plus Dukes, Kooks and so much more!

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Friends and friends, our local surfing community has embarked on an uphill battle to remove the newly mounted surveillance camera at Rincon – we hope that we can organize and democratically have this device removed as there is no local demand for it and the installation was not with the agreement of the local surfing community – who these cameras portend to serve. Who knows, maybe we can start a snowball and encourage other communities to stand up together for their sacred spaces as well – please click through the link in my bio to read our position (as so eloquently stated by @christianbeamish and edited by @brinacarey) and sign if you feel, we know this is an uphill battle but our lineup won’t sit idly by and we would love your help and support! This effort and discussion has been spearheaded by an amazing bunch of surfers, thank you @erinfeinblatt for organizing this petition.

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The boys at Ain’t That Swell for getting Tulsi Gabbard on the pod.


The investors in Roberto Clark, Jr’s jetboard scam. Click over to Stab to see the full story HERE


IMAGINATION ROULETTE EP003 from Darcy Ward on Vimeo.


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