In today’s episode, Scott and David analyze the takeaways from Stab In The Dark, make Volcom Pipe Pro predictions, highlight the value of surf retail, and they learn of their infamy in New Zealand (Hi Rainbow!). Plus Dukes, Kooks, and so much more!

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Important surf history can be found through many retailers worldwide . . .



From our beloved Rainbow . . .

I was traveling through the middle of the North island during the holiday season when I got accosted by a mates cousin. He had taken offence to the “surfers are the worst” sticker

‘what do you mean by that!’

So I gave my best Bass’ey impression  ‘sir fers ar the wooorr st’ but no recognition.

I tried to explain that this was one of the call signs of the world best surfing podcast. He had never heard of it. I told him it was a jovial reflective stereo typing poke, at the obsessive compulsion behind our surf lust. This only helped to further enrage the guy, his voice was raised  and I was summarily told I wasn’t a real surfer.

I further tried to defend the statement, but this guy was having none of it, he body checked me with his chest and walked off with his daughters in toe. Denying but indefatigably defining the statement on the sticker.

Clearly Scott’s axiom and  advertising drive isn’t reaching far enough into the worlds surfing back blocks. Should I be expecting  more Ashton-esque explosions? Is having an association with you guys causing far reaching negative anti-social effects evoking violent reprisals? The evidence is coming in thick and fast.”



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Yes @redtide83 & I own a Wavepool and Yes u are all invited ????

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Link to the Desert Sun Article


Joey Buran is out. Chris Gallgher is in. Link to full article on StabMag.com


This is the beginning of something that’s potentially a very long process. Everyone is trying to figure out how you qualify, can you get the team together to train? Are they unified? Do they care? Do they not want to be there? All these different things have to be worked over,” said Gally. “Any time there’s something new there are bound to be unknowns, and this is a long-term process, and I guess the long-term goal would be that there’s this standardized training for Hawaiian and Mainland surfers that they can access.” Chris Gallagher

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation at all if this was the fifth Olympics that surfing was in, this would be all standardized stuff and everything would be all figured out. The stage is crazy big and so much more beyond anything anyone in surfing has been exposed to.” Chris Gallagher


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Scott’s pick: Torrey Meister’s Backdoor Bomb

From Surfline’s Wave of the Winter feature:

“Honestly, before that wave I was having one of the worst sessions I’ve ever had at Pipe,” Meister said. “Didn’t catch a single wave for over two hours, wore a ton of Second and Third Reef roll-ins on the head, and felt like I was underwater more then I was above [laughs]. I broke my leash bailing on another cleanup set. I got to the beach and thought about calling it quits, but I just couldn’t end the session without catching a single wave. Ulu boy let me borrow a leash and I paddled back out. I tried to catch a little three-footer and got caught in the lip and had to pencil dive. Then wore a thick six-foot double-up Pipe wave on the head that felt like the it was trying to push me through the reef. Paddled back out super frustrated, then got that Backdoor wave — and it made all those beatings worth it! Gotta love Pipeline.”

David’s Pick:

Kohl Christenson’s Pipe Bomb


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Every wave has a story (this one will be a bit long haha), and if you want to get really deep you can say it’s created by a storm in the middle of the ocean and travels thousands of miles just to find you. This day i woke up from my Chaddy12 nap to texts from @_danielrusso_ “pipes good.” “Kohl, slater out”, didn’t even think twice, jus grabbed my stuff and headed down to the beach. @deepwatersurf hadn’t been surfing pipe much this season that I had seen so wanted to get down there. When he rolled into this gem from second reef I was SO hyped I got it. Russo said he was on his 8’6” Dick Brewer shaped only for waves like that from second reef. After Kohl climbed on Russo’s ski, they cruised till sunset just watching the show. The next day Kohls wife had their kid, this was the last ride before his child. Fate ? Craziest thing ever ? Regardless, @kellyslater posted Russo’s angle and it’s ridiculous, broke the internet, so I just wanted to add my .2 cents as well ?. Congrats @deepwatersurf on everything, truly a ride of a lifetime on every level. @patagonia #r3d

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Chris Brown, R.I.P. He was 48, His body was discovered below the bluffs of the Douglas Family Preserve near Arroyo Burro Beach County Park in Santa Barbara. Brown, who worked as a commercial urchin diver at the time of his death.

From EOS.surf, “Mild-mannered pro surfer from Santa Barbara; described as a preadolescent “surfing genius,” and winner of the juniors division in the 1988 World Amateur Surfing Championships. Brown was born (1970) in Los Angeles, raised in Santa Barbara, and began riding waves at age 10, taught by his father. The smooth and flowing surf style Brown developed resembled that of three-time world champion Tom Curren, who also grew up in Santa Barbara.”


Foilers in the middle of surfing line-ups. Enjoy the foil! We all want to learn it, but PLEASE stay out of surfing line-ups.


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@georgeclout foiled by the ocean floor

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