In today’s Spit!, Scott and David discuss all the fallout and implications of cancelling the Margaret River Pro; have WSL corporate interests superseded core values? What did the athletes want? Was there any real threat of danger? Is this a move to elevate the importance of wave pools? Will the Margaret River Pro return in 2019? All will be revealed herein. Plus Dukes, Kooks, and our Must See Moment. Enjoy!

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Longtime Santa Barbara and north coast shaper Marc Andreini will be honored during the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks at the 2018 Boardroom International Surfboard Show in Del Mar. Marc Andreini has been designing, shaping and building custom surfboards for over 50 years. Andreini continues to be an active and prolific shaper, evolving and experimenting with different board types; recently leading the charge with the Greenough inspired Edge design concept. “It is an honor for me to be considered among the likes of Diff, Yater, Bradbury, Merrick, all of the Icons.” said Andreini. “Thanks to all of them and the other craftsmen in our industry. See you all in May at The Boardroom.” This Tournament of Champions event includes eight incredible craftsmen, all winners in their own right. The number one seed, Ricky Carroll from Florida, has won this event three times. Seeds two through four, Roger Hinds, Wayne Rich and Stu Kenson respectively, have each won this event twice. The number five and six seeds, Rex Marechal and Matt Calvani have won the shape-off once. The #7 seed, Bill Barnfield from Oahu, an Andreini wildcard, is one of the most respected board builders in the world with decades of craftsmanship under his belt. Seed #8, Travis Reynolds from Santa Cruz, also an Andreini wildcard, is a highly respected board builder from Santa Cruz. Gentleman, start your planers! May 5 & 6 Del Mar – Join us! @marcandreini @waynerichsurfboards @rickycarrollsurfboards @mattcalvani @sk_shape @rogerhindssurfboards @billbarnfield @rmshapes @surfboardsbytravisreynolds #boardroomshow @boardporn #may5n6 #delmar

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David will have a booth for Surf Splendor, featuring Meet-N-Greet’s with past show guests . . .


Read Sophie’s statement here.

See footage of one of these attacks . . .

Read Longtom’s reflection on the cancellation HERE . . .

Jake Patterson’s video and Instagram comments about the Jesse Mendes x Mikey Wright confrontation.



Wildcoast for protecting 9.3 miles of coastline outside of Salina Cruz, Mexico; a beach that is a neccesary breeding ground for 2 types of sea turtle.

Olive Ridley Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) at nesting beach, Arribada, Playa Morro Ayuta, Oaxaca state, southern Mexico, IUCN Vulnerable, August

Link to WILDCOAST’s Press Release about the news



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