In today’s episode of Spit!, Scott and David recount their day at Surf Ranch, discuss the backroom politics of the Honolulu Mayor’s office, review ‘Bunker77’, and interview Pat Steele about his new book ‘Scorpion Bay’. Enjoy!

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Bassy missed the turn!

Bassy gets suited up for the session of a lifetime.


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Wow this kind of moment could be lost for the next generation of Hawaii kids all because of old grudges and a hurt ego of @kirk.caldwell Mayor of Honolulu who won’t talk to us but told the news we were strong arming him when we stopped by his office to ask for a meeting to try to come up with a solution to red tape affecting event permits. And for the record no deadlines were missed. Since he wouldn’t meet with us, we thought it made sense to stop by his office and ask for a meeting since he is our Mayor and it is his duty to look out for our best interests and advocate for us, but instead he is twisting the facts and telling Hawaii surfers and the surf community that he doesn’t want to help us. A lot of the facts being thrown around by the Mayor are very misleading and it’s a huge injustice that the man elected to protect the surfers and surf community won’t help us. Yet the matter at hand is that Hawaiian surfers and the surf industry are on the brink of losing all the biggest surf events in the world here in our back yard and the tourism that comes with it so it’s a huge loss for all of Hawaii and the surfing world for that matter. What’s really sad is to see all the comments coming from a lot of people in the surf community saying they are for the Hawaiians but are not able to put their money where the mouth is and will not be here to pick up slack should the WSL take their events elsewhere #BePartOfTheSolutionNotPartOfTheProblem #TalkIsCheap #HelpTheHawaiianSurfers

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Tom Curren’s skim/surfboard is named ‘Superdave’. That is all.


Dave Rastovich in ‘Quivered’ by Nathan Oldfield

Quivered from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

‘BUNKER77’ by Takuji Masuda. Free on Amazon Prime!

Taylor Knox in ‘Apply Pressure’

Cam Richards in ’22’ by Victor Pakpour


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Here are some of my favorite headlines:


Pierre Agnes, R.I.P. Full story at LATimes.com

From Phil Jarret’s memoriam on Surfline.com, 

“Despite his extraordinary accomplishments and his take-no-prisoners business style, Pierre remained a man of essentially simple pleasures, and unquestioned loyalty to family and friends. Jeff Hakman remembers: “When I think of Pierre, I think of someone who has affected the lives around him in a big way, either as friend or enemy — there wasn’t much middle ground! He was passionate about surfing, family, business, driving, snowboarding, fishing… just about everything. He could be complicated and intimidating, especially in business, and at the same time very simple. Pierre had the pedal to the metal all the time, he wouldn’t pull back and he wouldn’t put up with any bullshit.”

“Harry Hodge, the Quiksilver Europe founder and boss who flagged Pierre as a future leader of the brand back in the ‘90s, recalls: “Pierre is a great example of how a young surfer can join a surf brand in a menial position and go on to become one of the captains of the industry. I had always envisaged that Pierre would lead the company, and felt great pride when he took over the role of CEO of Quiksilver globally a few years ago. The pupil had become the teacher.”

Pierre Agnes leaves behind wife Marianne, daughters Marine and Manon, and son Mathieu.


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