In today’s episode Scott and David discuss the politics of saving drowning victims, where they would spend their final minutes on earth, which surfboards Rock N’ Roll icons would ride, any why the greatest waves ever surfed will never be captured on film. Plus, a spelling lesson, Must-See Moments, Dukes, Kooks, and so much more! Enjoy!

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Scrivi Surfboards sent a loaner down for us to ride. Scott’s psyching! Follow @ScriviSurfboards

Billy Gibbons rides a 50’s Velzy redwood

Hawaii Endures a False Alert from a Nuclear Threat CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY


Read the full feature on the EncyclopediaOfSurfing.com

A Day In The Bay – McTavish from surfstitch on Vimeo.


The DaHui Backdoor Shootout runs, but doesn’t finish. Seems like a killer event. Too bad we barely get a glimpse. Here’s a sample of the viewing experience . . .

Listen (in Portuguese) as Renato Hickel predicts the WSL’s upcoming years. CLICK FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLE ON MOIST.COM.BR

The Volcom Pipe Pro starts January 29. EVENT SITE

Nathan Florence’s Wave of the Winter entry


Jaws goes absolutely huge.

Albee calls for action

After today’s jaws swell a rant is currently needed. And I’ll be the guy… again even though all the surfers I respect agree with most of these points. The water safety thing is ridiculous. The fact photographers are willing to give more money for a photo than surfers for their safety is ridiculous. We need to find a way to put surfers in contact with water safety and maybe a gofundme site or something so they can’t be bought out by photographers. There are a lot of great water safety teams here, but after years of saving random people for no reason it makes sense they would rather hang in the channel making $600 cruising around with a photog. Lets work together to fix this because it puts everyone in danger including those of us who hire water safety. With a wall of skis trying to get the shot waking up the inside and getting in the way. That’s my rant for the day. Sorry for the grammar and if I offended anyone pretend it’s someone you like bringing up these points.

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Maverick’s Goes Looney!

From the WorldSurfLeague.com

What was going on this morning, I’ve only seen it in that range maybe two or three times before,” said Peter Mel, the former Big Wave World Champion and Big Wave Tour Commissioner with more than two decades of Mavericks experience. “It looks like a national monument at that size. It’s like checking out Niagara Falls.

Pete Mel scratching over the top captured by Frank Quirarte/WSL


Mavericks Breaking into the channel. Everybody on board was rescued.

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And the remnants of the capsized vessel, again by the great Frank Quirarte/WSL


? #gerrylopez

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The person who misspelled “Forty” on Jamie O’Brien’s 1st place check at the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.


Scott’s Duke: Kira Stanley

I had the chance to meet Kira (@__la__luz) yesterday, a 16 year old from San Diego who went from a healthy, happy young surfer to battling an inoperable brain tumor basically overnight. We gave her a surfboard and talked story for about two hours at @kswaveco headquarters. She is having a surf contest at D St. in Encinitas this weekend and a raffle and prize ceremony afterwards to raise funds for her protocol. We at #KSWaveCo are offering yet another day for one winner at #SurfRanch in Lemoore to support her cause. There are other great prizes to be won so come down, support Kira and her family, and have some fun. Kira…it was awesome to meet you and your family, to see the love and support you guys give each other, and feel the positive attitude you continue to have throughout your ordeal. You’ve got many more of us on your side than you probably knew! Link in bio for details. Thanks everyone! Also a huge thanks toCharlieTeo my friends at @charlieteofoundation for your assistance and help you’ve offered Kira and her family! Much appreciated. #BTHP #HelpKiraFight

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David’s Duke: Hugo Vau


That is the ironic part of the story. What will stay for life is the happiness and the experience that me and Alex shared. That can never be taken away from us. So it’s in our memory files. And maybe it wasn’t supposed to be captured, maybe it was just for us. Look, in the old days you would pass on your experiences and that’s how stories were shared and kept alive. Now if you don’t have a picture, it doesn’t count. However for us, and the all the guys that saw the wave from the channel, we all think it was the biggest wave we’ve seen at Nazaré. It is what it is. The main thing is the joy we took from the day and that we are all safe. Nothing else matters.


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