Real life action figure and multi-disciplinary master Chuck Patterson joins the show to spar back at the mud slung from David and Chas in last week’s show. Chuck explains why he uses poles to surf ski, fantasizes about skiing through a tube at Chopes, and explains his four Big Mac quota and he plays Barrel or Nah?! Enjoy!

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Wall hangers?

Playing the Lotto?


Taking Delivery of my 8’0” Bing Collector Surfboard the Day After they Stormed the U.S. Capital

this insane week
of politics and swell
a messy new mixture
of heaven and hell

a new year, new diet
I’m a healthier man
but going booze-free this month
was a questionable plan

from TV’s images
of the rioting horde
what diverts my attention?
it’s done! my new board!

precautions from covid
being what they are
I had it shipped here
though my shaper’s not far

a board for summer
but I’ll try it sooner
with age comes some freedoms
I’ll go out for a nooner

and here’s a lully weekend
coming in on a vector
the perfect Saturday
to try my Collector

call it a mid-length
but yes, we all know
I can’t paddle or turn
The way I used to, bro

democracy teeters
on a perilous ledge
but my new 8-0 Bing
really takes off the edge

when there’s chaos ashore
it can focus the mind
to paddle out for one more
out there in the brine

Casey, a fellow Oregonian like Chas who now lives in SoCal.


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