As you may recall when we left part one of the Paulo Roberto Sciamarelli Surfing Village origin story – Paulo had finally found his paradise a perfect wave in front and plenty of really good waves — rights and lefts– all within a 5-20 minutes by boat. He had secured land, had a boat built 8 x 3 meters that’s roughly 24’ long and 8 feet wide. Paulo was broke and living meagerly but he was surfing and plotting the development process of his new surf camp. But as you may recall as we left in part one of this story, he had crashed his boat and his money, his passport and his return ticket out of Indonesia had all been stolen. In a matter of hours, from eating delicacies on a massive charter boat to penniless and without documents, his dream was turning bad, and it was about to get worse with jail cells, broken promises, and Indonesian immigration bureaucracy moving at a snail’s pace. So we pick up here. On a special edition of The Boardroom podcast with Paulo Roberto Sciamarelli, part two of the Surfing Village Origin story. Let us begin.


Host, Producer: Scott Bass @BoardroomShow


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