Just a quick recap of our Fantasy clubhouse after Bells Beach and before Margaret River.

Make sure to secure your team and place your wager before April 15th (Western Australian time). All wagers received after the 15th will be applied to the next event.

Participation in our clubhouse is free. To participate go to FantasySurfer.com, click on “Clubhouse” and search “Surf Splendor”, then join.

If you’d like to wager, go to PayPal.com and send your payment to “hello@surfsplendorpodcast.com”. It’s $10 per division, per event. So $10 to play the Men’s division and $10 for the Women’s. You can play 1 or the other, or both.

Here are the results of the Bells Beach event:

Congratulations to “philosoraptor” for winning the Men’s division of the Bells Beach event. The total cash prize purse was $228.25 ($230 before PayPal fees). Here’s his winning team. Strangely, it was the exact same team he had at Snapper!

Philosoraptor's Winning Fantasy Team for Bells 2015

And for the Women’s Division:

There was a 4 way tie with 810 points (Kee310, Ombak Bagus, JFL1642, Grege3). I (David Scales) actually placed 32nd, but the top 31 did not wager, so I’m taking the cash purse. Congrats to the winners. Thanks for playing. Here’s the winning team.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.26.59 AM

We’ll be back with an episode of Surf News on Tuesday. Thanks!


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