The surf crafts of long time friends and design collaborators Tom Morey & Carl Ekstrom, along with Donald Brink & Ryan Burch are currently on display at The Surfing Heritage & Culture Center in an exhibit entitled, “What Box? Thinking Outside the Lines of Traditional Surfboard Design.” In this episode, Tom Morey discusses inventing the bodyboard and the early experiences that influenced his design ideas. Carl Ekstrom shares stories about the invention of skateboarding, the Flow Rider wave machine, and his ceaseless quest for hydrodynamic understanding.¬†Additional interviews include Paul Strauch and Donald Brink. Some of the audio for this show was recorded during the opening exhibit for “What Box?”.

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Learn more about executive director of SHACC, Paul Strauch HERE.

Here’s Paul at Haleiwa in 1962 by Severson.


Tom Morey with his first ever “boogie” board.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.33.16 PM

Carl Ekstrom (Right) in front of a finless design at SHACC.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.33.43 PM

from Hydrodynamica.com
from Hydrodynamica.com
Ekstrom by Grant Ellis
Ekstrom by Grant Ellis

The Lord Board, 4′ chunk of un-glassed, finless stryofoam.

from Hydrodynamica.com
from Hydrodynamica.com

Lord Board from Hydrodynamica on Vimeo.

We also had a couple cameo clips from Donald Brink in this episode. Visit BrinkSurf.com to learn more about or contact Donald.




Donald was featured on a previous episode of Surf Splendor, which can be found here.


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