Torrey Meister finished 2014 in a hospital bed, recovering from a ruptured spleen suffered from a wipeout at Backdoor. Days prior, he was a mere few heats away from qualifying for the World Championship Tour. With the 2015 season upon him, after spending 2 months out of the water and sitting 32nd on the ‘QS ranking, Torrey faces his greatest opportunity and greatest challenge. We spent an hour with Torrey to hear about that horrific wipeout and the mental and financial requirements for a life on the road in the pursuit of professional surfing. We hope you enjoy today’s episode.

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Here’s footage of Torrey’s spleen rupturing wipeout (4:59 mark).

Here’s Torrey going nuts in 2014.

Torrey’s Wave of the Winter entry at Backdoor in 2013 (see footage below).

Torrey at Backdoor in November 2014. Photo: Duncan
Torrey at Backdoor in November 2014. Photo: Duncan

And here’s footage of the above image:

Torrey at Haleiwa, November 2014.
Torrey at Haleiwa, November 2014.

And a couple unsponsored Torrey clips David filmed in 2012 (at the 00:31 mark).

1 Week at the US Open from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.


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