We begin today’s episode with a conversation with Matt Parker of Album Surfboards about an asymmetrical surfboard that he lent to David to surf. David and Scott then break down the latest surf news, including the Red Bull Cape Fear event, the Fiji Pro, the future of sustainable surfboards, why we love to hate Bobby Martinez, Dukes and Kooks and much more. Enjoy!




Matt Parker Album


A huge congrats to 18-year-old Russel Bierke for winning what was the heaviest surf contest ever held.

Russell Bierke performs during the Red Bull Cape Fear in Sydney, Australia on June 7, 2016. // Ed Sloane/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20160607-00698 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to www.redbullcontentpool.com for further information. //
Russell Bierke during the Red Bull Cape Fear in Sydney, Australia on June 7, 2016. // Ed Sloane/Red Bull


Congrats Johanne Defay!

Johanne Defay arriving back on Tavarua after the win.
Johanne Defay arriving back on Tavarua after the win.


Gabe burns Jordy. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jordy looks strong! It’d be nice if he could keep this form through a full season (or at least an event!)

And Kelly looks like he’s returning to form.


Bobby Martinez in “Whatever Beach”

Whatever Beach : Bobby Martinez from Vacation Club on Vimeo.

License to Chill with Mason Ho and Burger Nozaki

Zeke Lau is my new fav power surfer. Check it!


Shane Dorian’s “My Old Man” piece by Yeti and produced by Farm League


Based on the success of Red Bull’s Cape Fear event, we need to further analyze whether or not ¬†“WSL surfers” should be allowed to compete in non-sanctioned events. While it makes sense to not allow World Tour surfers to compete, what about guys like Albee Layer?

Really bummed out to inform everyone I will NOT be competing in this event Monday in Australia. The reason being is I am currently on the full time WSL big wave tour and am forbidden to compete in non WSL sanctioned events. This is a rule that makes sense for the guys on the CT tour who could get last every event and still make over 90k dollars for the year but for us on the big wave tour that usually only has two or three events a year and first place receiving only 20k dollars it is not a realistic career to depend on and I believe we should be allowed to try and earn money in other events. I am pretty frustrated after @markmathewssurf @ryanhipwood and all the other boys down under worked their asses off to get this event going and being so stoked to get the call up to surf it that it’s not going to happen for me now. Also wonder if this is private information and the @wsl is going to get me in trouble any way for it? I hope not I’m looking forward to surf a full year on the big wave tour but whatever I just don’t see the reason we can’t do both, and I think this issue needs to be dealt wit for the future. Reguardless everyone should tune in to watch the #capefear event because fortunately the local boys replacing those of us who can’t make it are going to be absolutely sending it. Have fun and be safe boys, we’ll be watching!

A photo posted by Albee Layer (@johnjohn_slater) on


Matt Warshaw for his new gig as “Surf Consultant” for The Oxford English Dictionary. Check out his finest contribution to surfing here EncyclopediaofSurfing.com or the original hardback version here purchase The Encyclopedia of Surfing

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