Ian Cairns won the 1973 Smirnoff Pro, at the time the contest was considered the de factor world championship. And he did so in his first season on the North Shore. Two years later he won the most prestigious event in the world, the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational – held at Waimea Bay. In the mid to late 70s he was on a short list of Sunset Beach standouts that included Barry Kanaiaupuni and Jeff Hakman. I’m convinced in a different time Ian led a large army of men to glorious victory on a loamy battlefield somewhere. He’s part Ernest Shakleton but more General Patton –he’s intelligent, courageous. He speaks truth even when it’s uncomfortable to do so. And he’s often mischaracterized as outspoken, from my vantage he’s convicted (which is confused by some as outspoken). His voice carries with it the intelligence and an experiential perspective that few surfers can claim. A professional surfer before there was such a thing.

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Sponsor: eBay.com/sneakers

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