Just over six years ago I stood at a podium in Laguna Beach and introduced the first ever Surf Park Summit, a conference of the fledgling man made wave industry. The mission was clear: build authentic, sustainable and profitable surfing experiences to grow the surf industry and provide the mental, physical and emotional stoke of surfing outside the ocean. The room buzzed for sure. There was palpable excitement.  The room was also tempered with cautionary tales. and a “I’ll believe it when I see it attitude.” Understandably, many were waiting to for somebody to make the first move.  Over the next few years a series of events unfolded not the least of which was Kelly Slater’s Wave Ranch video dropped like a hot fast torpedo via social media and it seemed to blowup any hesitation– momentum in the man-made wave industry took off. And here we are …a wave pool is being built in Oceanside, Ca. Right across the street from a solid handful of surfboard manufacturers. So, the question is …what will it look like, how much will it cost… how big will the waves be… what is the deal? The Boardroom Podcast with Mike Grehl from Ocean Kamp. Let us begin.

Sponsor: FYICBD.com


Sponsor: FYICBD.com

Host, Producer: Scott Bass @BoardroomShow


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