In today’s special episode, Chas and David welcome special guest Matt Warshaw to recap the 2019 Surf Expo. Highlights include Mark Cunningham bequeathing Matt Warshaw’s official nickname and one swift punch concludes (perhaps) the year long Ashton vs Chas blood feud. Enjoy!

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Scroll to the bottom if you’re looking for the original debate episode that set this entire event in motion.

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Legendary surfboard shaper Jon Pyzel (above) was horrified as Beach Grit and Stab engaged in a chilling altercation at the Surf Expo yesterday (SWIPE TO SEE FULL VIDEO). After years of bad blood, Chas Smith (editor of Beach Grit, left) and Ashton Goggans (editor of Stab Magazine, right) finally went head to head in a tense tango to decide which online publication was second behind the notoriously genius Rinsed Magazine. Pyzel, known to be a huge fan of Rinsed Magazine, is believed to have been responsible for the altercation after claiming that Rinsed’s groundbreaking dog story was the finest piece of surf journalism in the last decade. After making this comment and realising the impact it had, Pyzel quickly exited the scene, pretending that he’d been outside having an acai the whole time and had no idea about the fight nor had he called Ashton’s beanie a “head nipple”. ?: @david_lee_scales

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Here’s the original debate episode that set this entire event in motion


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