On this episode, we explore the reasons for surf travel and the many adventures and tales that have been told through the years. We discuss the pioneers and the moral questions that surf travel brings with it and when would have been the golden era of surf exploration? And… we’ve gone to the end of the earth to find a question that would Stump My Bro.

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Stump My Bro . .

1) This surfer discovered perfect ideal lefts, while visiting this fathers sugar plantation in 1963. He wrote to surfer magazine “It is a left slide, with the most wonderfully shaped waves you can imagine.”

But it wasn’t until 1974 that the world was reminded of how good this spot was in this well known but forgotten surf film…

What is the place that was discovered and who was that surfer who wrote to Surfer Magazine about the wave?

2) Parched and grubby while camped on a desert point in Morocco, Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson met a bearded Latin American wave-hunter who tossed them a few tangerines, and when they said they were from California, he said “That’s okay, I won’t hold it against you.”

Who is this surfer?


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