Our culture is graced with a mélange of surfer archetypes and a litany of: Competitive aces; big wave legends, Groms on the rise; post-modern free surf ideologues, Longboard stylists, longboarding shortboarders; shortboarding longboarders; shaper/surfer; angry local walrus dude; happy local walrus dude; kook of the day …. and the list goes on, and many surfers that overlap into these various boxes…. 

Before this interview, I probably couldn’t have picked Dylan Longbottom out of a lineup. Dylan Longbottom is one of those surfers who I’ve heard his name hundreds of times. I’ve seen the hideous and inspiring waves he’s successfully negotiated. But that’s about all I really know about him. Perhaps because there is so much incredible content coming at us these days, incredible rides have lost some of their impact. 

His father was a surfboard builder in the Cronulla area and beyond. 
He was a stunt double for the remake of Point Break. 
He was an early adopter at Teahupoo – the End of The Road . Pre- internet. 

He shapes boards for a living — Dylan Surfboards. 

The boardroom podcast with Dylan Longbottom;… let us begin.

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