African ,wild, crazy, honest and true. Big wave friend and community pillar. Dougal explains how he has come to find the thin spaces in his life. Surfing, photography and intentions. He pursues the highest echelons of them all.

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Dear President Cyril Ramaphosa. The last two decades have been hard for our country. Your predecessors were fallen men who did our great nation immense harm, but your words during the crisis have given us reason to hope again. I believe that you are capable of leading us with tremendous courage and fortitude. We pledge to care for the vulnerable in whatever capacities we are presently capable of. We are with you ! There is so much ahead for us to hopeful about ! Mr President, many from my tribe use wave riding to metabolize personal loss (I am one of them.) Uncle Cyril could you please let your people go surfing? It would help us to be braver as we journey down the unfamiliar paths that lie ahead. With love & deep respect. Dougal Paterson @kim_bouchier

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