As a follow up to the discussion in our last episode about the localism at Lunada Bay, we begin today’s episode with an interview with Chris Taloa, aka, Chris Won. Chris has spearheaded the movement to free Lunada Bay from the ugly and sometimes violent localism that has plagued one of Southern California’s greatest surf spots for more than half a century. The interview concludes at the 30 minute mark and segues into Surf News with David Scales and Scott Bass. David and Scott discuss the Volcom Pipe Pro, why shortboarding is for the groms, and who’s life has more value, human or shark? We hope you enjoy the show. Please share your feedback in the comment section below. Today’s show was recorded at the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center.

Chris Taloa Interview and Localism at Lunada Bay

Map to Lunada

Footage from Lunada

Footage of Chris Taloa, aka Chris Won

Aloha Point Surf Club’s Facebook Page

Lunada Bay

Hurley Fusion Wetsuit

*This is not a paid advertisement! I just love this suit, especially for the price.


Volcom Pipe Pro

Volcom Pipe Pro

Bruce’s Heat (he paddles out 20 minutes late.

Evan Geiselman & John John Florence’s heat.

Nazare Goes Huge

Andrew Cotton’s Big Ride

Jamie Mitchell’s Close Call with a SUP’er

Jamie Mitchell experiences a close encounter. from Powerlines Productions on Vimeo.

Shark Culling in OZ

CNN’s Video of the first kill on the West Coast.

Link to article about the history of culling in Queensland.

Kook and Duke

David’s Kook

The dude at the beach who trips on his leash because he’s not holding it!

Hold Your Leash

David’s Duke

Congrats Jordy and Lyndall!

Jordy and Lyndall

Scott’s Kook

Vladmir Putin killing dogs in Sochi

Scott’s Duke

Must See Moment

David’s Must See Moment

Dane Reynold’s Loaded

Dane Loaded

Scott’s Must See Moment

It’s actually a Must Read Moment

The Big Burn by Timothy Egan

The Big Burn

Best Song Ever

David’s Best Song Ever

The late, great Pete Seeger’s Mr. Tom Hughes Town. Here’s the full album.

Scott’s Best Song Ever

Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Powder Finger


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