David and Scott discuss recent big wave activity around the Pacific, localism at Lunada Bay, the passing of Bruce Jones, and the changes for 2014 ASP World Tour.

Big Wave Activity

Eddie Waimea

The Eddie is off for this current swell, but still on hold through the end of February.

The Official Eddie Site

The Maverick’s Invitation is called on for Friday, January 24th!

The Maverick’s Invitational Site

Discovering Maverick’s Documentary

Oregon’s Nelscott Reef Event

Shane Dorian and Jamie Mitchell tackle Balharra France, even though we neglected to mention it on the show.

Localism at Lunada Bay

Lunada Bay

The whole debacle can be traced via the links below.

Original Reddit Post

Inertia Post #1

Inertia Post #2

Inertia Follow-Up Report 

Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones

Sadly, Bruce passed away on January 14th. You will be missed!

Surfline Article about Bruce

ASP in 2014

Changes to the ‘CT and ‘QS ranking systems, click here for the ASP’s article with Kieren Perrow.

Scott’s Must See Moment

EPIC PEAHI AERIAL SURF VIDEO 1-19-2014 from AERIAL 808 on Vimeo.

David’s Must See Moment

Chas Smith Interview

Click over to see Chas being interviewed on San Diego 6


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