Scott sits down with Australian surfer/shaper Jim Banks over a simmering Oolong to discuss surfboards, craftsmanship, guitar building, Dane Kealoha, perfect Desert Point, computer shapes versus hand shapes, the prickly surfboard market and the damned meaning of it ALL.

Jim Banks, like most of us, is cut from the opaque cloth of surf idealism; … he competed, yeah…um… okay, competitive success…no doubt… but trophies and competitive accolades lacked fulfillment on a personal level and certainly, as a surfer, that’s not the romantic apex. Adventure, travel, searching, exploring and along the way finding… perfect waves. That’s the ultimate. Let us begin.

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Jim now has production in the US and are taking custom orders for the US with the order book for 2109 custom orders closing April 30th.


Host, Writer, Producer: Scott Bass @BoardroomShow

Intro Music: John Coltrane, Giant Steps

Outro Music: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Scuttle Buttin’


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