Setting realistic expectations for a return to surfing. Asher offers insight that can help us be kind to ourselves and one-another. Whilst acknowledging this severe global crisis; reflecting  on all parts of life and the ties between them. Being removed from surfing and each other. Looking forward to days ahead and examining the depths that surfing can bring, has brought and the expectations for its role and the eminent return.

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The sunburn will fade and the crater-sized holes on my feet (might) start to heal, but I’m sure I won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face for weeks to come. Thanks so much to @surfinmexico for breaking his back to put on the world’s premier independent surf event, and all of the people who made a week at the end of a dusty road in central Mexico the best of the whole year. – Huge shout out to @jquinny and @blackrosemfg for lending me surfboards that work really well for the better part of a decade. This one in particular is called the #4, designed by French brethren @nathansadoun, and cut through this long left point like a cheese knife through baked cabaret. _ Finally, thanks so much to @hisarahlee for the photo. I’ve never in my entire life seen anyone log as much water time as you, you rule! Te veo el próximo año, @mexilogfest

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