In today’s very special episode, David and Chas welcome guest Devon Howard. Back in September, Devon professed his passion for the Egg surfboard design on Surf Splendor and when Chas got wind, his sensibility was aggravated. Online ribbing ensued, tensions boiled, and we finally sat them all down together with mics to capture the debate. Among the topics discussed, hydrofoiling, killer leashes, why no one watches competitive longboarding, what Devon would ride at Surf Ranch, and Devon plays “Barrel or Nah”. Enjoy the show!

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Congrats to Omlete for his unbelievably rude comment! He wins a pair of Spy shades with the Happy lens.

Congrats on the win omlete, but geez, where’s your humanity?!


Tudor lit an obvious fire. Other questions to consider; is Joel hypersensitive due to an angry disposition? Are line-ups better because of grumpy locals? Is surfing better thanks to strong personalities like Joel?


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An email and important PSA from a listener . . .

I was in the water that day. I also was on the beach before lifeguards arrived. I stayed until they pronounced him dead. There are still rumors of Glen being hit by another surfer/surfboard. However, I submitted webcam footage to a Honolulu Detective that showed otherwise. No media outlet has seemed to update the cause of death and I’d like this story to be shared. He was dropped in on, but he was not hit. He got off the wave and duck dove under the next one. He emerged and paddled towards the channel and duck dove a second wave. This is where the accident happened. His own board slipped out of his hands and shot up tail high behind him. It then returns down due to the leash. He never emerges from this duck dove; rather you see his limbs (arms?) flailing about 2 seconds after the impact. He drifts out of the frame to the right and the webcam pans to the left. The Medical Examiner told me that it was blunt force trauma to the back and left side of head that caused him to drown. First responders did the best job they could with CPR. Lifeguards got there quick and brought the AED. They continued until paramedics arrived. But the paramedics called it off and pronounced him dead. I want this story to be shared so that family, friends, and the larger surfing community know the factual events of that day. May Glen Jeans Rest In Peace.

Ironically I was also out at Pipeline the same day Malik Joyeux passed away. I paddled out 2 hours later to an empty lineup. 3-5 foot Hawaiian and picture perfect conditions. Only a few body surfers and two other surfers were out there. Ultra ironically I paddled out on my 7’0 Mayhem without a leash. I had heard Shane Dorian mentioning there is no need for a leash at Pipeline as the beach is right there if you lose your board. Ultimately it was Malik’s leash that failed that fateful day. The Velcro was worn out and malfunctioning. He took a 4 foot lip to the head and was knocked unconscious. His board was found floating but his body wasn’t recovered for 10-15 minutes.”

So leashes both can save you or kill you. Wanted to share the stories as it could make for interesting content on your show. Mahalo!


He said a 6’10” Egg. Not too dissimilar from he’s riding here . . .


Double Arm Cutbacks: first came Arch, the Rasta, now Mikey.

Stab Staffers Leaving Comment’s On BeachGrit: You are welcomed with open arms.

Urinal Talk: stick to this guide and you’ll be fine.

9 Minute Surf “edits”:


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