In today’s episode of The Grit! the boys discusses Chas’s skin cancer diagnosis, they lament divorce (and then celebrate it!), they lean on Eddie Rothman for Pipe Master’s insights, plot to scam the Olympics in 2020, and analyze whether it’s ever acceptable to clap when your plane lands. Take the candy!

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Here’s the link to the story Chas told about Mick HERE

And how the Inertia was born from the incident HERE

In all seriously, we love you Mick. Congrats on a phenomenal career. Can’t wait to watch you freesurf.


What’s the most egregious misuse of police resources?


From Ross in NYC . . .

I think dropping Pipe could have a much bigger impact than you think. Without the grand finale—the entire spectacle loses its luster. When you’re watching Snapper / J-Bay / Chopes …you’re watching to see which guys are coming up, who is performing at their best and who’ll bring those skills to Pipeline. It’s the Super Bowl of our sport. Pipeline multiplies the interest in every event. It makes the tour greater than the sum of its parts. The viewer is always hoping a handful of surfers will bubble to the top for the ultimate showdown at the ultimate location to decide the world title. Thinking that you can replace Pipeline with another event shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the realities of this globe and the sport. G-land is not the same. Puerto is not the same. There is only one.”

Facebook will only expose what we already know – casual fans don’t like watching surfing – especially without pipe. The WSL on Facebook is the Crystal Clear Pepsi of ideas. Why do you think Facebook agreed to sign on? Because they’re hemorrhaging brand equity among younger audiences. Facebook thinks the WSL will make it cool, but it won’t. FB’s lameness will destroy the WSL. Promoting surfing among baby and puppy posts is a bad idea for WSL branding. It’s like watching a surf video with a Coldplay soundtrack…it doesn’t work”


Calling surf maneuvers “tricks”?

Clapping when the plane lands?

Strap Ons?

Gaming the System?


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