First conversation with Asher King on why to surf for the right reason and when to do the wrong thing.

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The sunburn will fade and the crater-sized holes on my feet (might) start to heal, but I’m sure I won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face for weeks to come. Thanks so much to @surfinmexico for breaking his back to put on the world’s premier independent surf event, and all of the people who made a week at the end of a dusty road in central Mexico the best of the whole year. – Huge shout out to @jquinny and @blackrosemfg for lending me surfboards that work really well for the better part of a decade. This one in particular is called the #4, designed by French brethren @nathansadoun, and cut through this long left point like a cheese knife through baked cabaret. _ Finally, thanks so much to @hisarahlee for the photo. I’ve never in my entire life seen anyone log as much water time as you, you rule! Te veo el próximo año, @mexilogfest

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freshfish – ?: @saltshots

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