Today’s episode of The Grit! is brought to you by you, the listener! The entire episode was crafted from user submitted comments, emails, and DMs. What starts as lighthearted quickly devolves into a therapy session where both David and Chas question their surfing abilities, their reasons for surfing, and their entire life’s path. It’s a raw, introspective, and sobering episode. We hope you can handle it.

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BeachGrit has a vape pen sponsor, but we don’t have an alc sponsor?? Injustice!

Should our listener pull the stickers of Damo’s used board?

I was totally wrong about the Pe’ahi Challenge. It was amazing. Hopefully one day Chas will gift himself a viewing of Ian Walsh’s 10 point ride.


Poorly illustrated tailgate graffiti has sent this podcaster on a journey of self evaluation.

“Feet slightly out of place and arms wiggling too much.” What about you? @earlgetsup

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And mid-self reflection, one surf media consumer put together this very thorough analysis . . . (Click here for the full explanation)

and it was recapped so poetically by The Dead Whale At Trestles,  so accurately representing the futility but also the necessity of what we are doing.

All of which begs the question, is the act of surfing A) the ultimate therapy? and B) the most accurate/realistic form of self-evaluation?


Recording #TheGrit! with professional surfer Chas Smith tomorrow! What shall we discuss? @reportsfromhell @david_lee_scales #podcast

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1) LOCALISM IN OREGON: Chas grew up surfing in Oregon, so he weighs in on this video/article on StabMag.com

2)  Chas, do you have a current relationship with Mick Fanning? (This is, of course, a follow up question to a story detailed in you book.) Here’s a link to an article that explains much of the backstory.

3) Is there a barrel way to retire? Bobby’s exit is famous. Freddy P got a 10 at Lowers then unexpectedly announced his retirement in his post-heat interview. Then this year, Josh and Bede both mention it unceremoniously.

4) Thoughts on Kelly Slater checking The Inertia for their very tenuously connected dots between Donald Trump, the death penalty, and Kelly himself.

“What befell the city of New York on Tuesday – Halloween day, no less – was nightmarish, to say the least. At least eight were killed, according to reports, when a lone truck driver intentionally plowed through a crowded bike lane area of Lower Manhattan. Officials have called the attack an act of terror. The culprit has since been apprehended and in the fallout, President Trump (@realdonaldtrump) has called for the death penalty. ‘NYC terrorist was happy as he asked to hang ISIS flag in his hospital room. He killed 8 people, badly injured 12. SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY!’ said Trump in a tweet. In a strange turn of events, Worldstar Hip Hop turned full debate moderator, posting a series of Trump’s tweets on Instagram with the caption, “#PresidentTrump advocates the death penalty following the #NYC truck attack…thoughts?” And among the more than 4,700 comments, @kellyslater himself decided to chime in. ‘There’s no real reason anyone who happily and proudly kills a bunch of innocent people with no remorse should continue the pleasure of life,’ said Kelly in a comment. Amid the hysteria in the comments alone, many of which call for hanging the culprit, 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, ‘in the public square,’ Kelly’s sentiment seems tame.” – The Inertia’s Dylan Heyden (@hey_dylan) What’s are your thoughts on the death penalty debate? Comment below. ? ? @kellyslater #deathpenalty #nyc #surfsomething

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Wetsuit caps (not hoods): Kelly rocked one in Jersey last week!

Riding a Thruster without a traction pad (this one is still out for consideration)


Profile pic of yourself surfing?

Farting in front of your spouse?

Van life?

Surfing while high?


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