Jack London was probably the biggest swinging dick writer in America in the early 1900’s, thanks to Call of the Wild and White Fang and other adventure books. He was a he-man who loved to box and get his hands dirty. In 1906 he designed and built a boat he called the Snark. He, his wife and a small crew sailed from San Francisco to Honolulu. Once there Jack went surfing almost right away, got super stoked, and wrote a long article about surfing that ran in magazines around the world, and for millions of people that was their first real look at surfing. On this episode of the Sunday Joint, Tyler & Jamie dive deep into Jack London and discuss the archetypes set forth by London and how they persist in today’s surf culture and of “Stump My Bro” on the Sunday Joint.

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Host: Tyler Breuer @SwellSeasonSurf

Host: Jamie Breuer

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