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Welcome to our first episode of Surf Splendor. We had the first 5 episodes slated for launch, but after interviewing Chris Cote I decided to bump the original episodes and to launch Surf Splendor with Chris’s interview. Chris was the Editor-in-Chief of the now defunct Transworld Surf magazine. This interview was recorded on 7/19/13, one day prior to the start of the US Open of Surfing and about 2 two weeks after he finished publication of the final issue of Transworld Surf. We discussed his unlikely rise from surf stoner to magazine editor, whether Twitter insults sting, and how to win Kelly Slater’s musical approval. We’ll update new episodes every other Monday and other video clips and reference material throughout the week so check back often.

The Final Issue of Transworld Surf
The Final Issue of Transworld Surf

Chris Cote and Kelly Slater’s duet of The Doobie Brother’s “What a Fool Believes”

Chris Cote on the End of Transworld Surf

Chris Cote on Twitter Trolls

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