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133 – Surf News, August 24, 2016


David and Scott discuss the proliferation of new podcast’s on the market, boards their currently riding, then they chat about the 44 year old unsponsored surfer who won Tahiti on an experimental surfboard after practicing in a wave pool! (Thanks for that caption Dean Weir). Enjoy!



The launch of Occy’s “Occ-Cast” has led to the surf media’s sudden interest in surf podcasts. Here’s a few to fill your non-Surf Splendor hours.

Scott’s long-standing “Down The Line” podcast.

Down the Line Radio

“Surf Simply”

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.50.12 AM

“Ain’t That Swell”

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.52.13 AM



Any others of interest? Leave them in the comment section.


Kelly combos JJF in an incredible finale to epic performances by both surfers.

Kelly’s insane, subtle, critical, and radical adjustments are pure artistry!

Kelly’s road to the finals

JJF’s road to the final

Was JJF underscored? I think so. Shoulda been a 10!

Jules with last minute heroics, then JJF with last second heroics!


Kelly chatted about life with Joe Buck on the Audience network.

Kelly’s shows emotion and passion! Glad to have you back Kelly!


Scott’s Pick: Kelly’s mastery.

David’s Pick: The best 11 year old surfer in the world.

014 – Surf News with Scott Bass, November 1st, 2013


David and Scott discuss Maya Gabiera’s wipeout at Nazare, Carlos Burle’s potential record breaking ride at Nazare, the Pipeline Season opening swell, Tom Carroll’s meth addiction, the One World Ranking, and the best songs ever! Click play on the episode and scroll down to see all the videos.

David’s Must See Moment

Scott’s Must See Moment


Maya Gabiera’s Accident at Nazare

The Ride

More of the rescue footage

Laird Hamilton’s Interview on CNN about the events at Nazare

Opening Season Swell at Pipeline

John John Florence’s impeccable butt drag.

Photo by Laserwolf

Photo by Laserwolf

 Tom Carroll Opens Up About Meth Addiction

 The One World Ranking

Link to the ASP’s site and the One World Rankings

David’s “Best Song Ever”

Scott’s “Best Song Ever”

001 – A Candid Conversation with Chris Cote


Listen or subscribe on iTunes Chris Cote Cover Artwork 600x600

Welcome to our first episode of Surf Splendor. We had the first 5 episodes slated for launch, but after interviewing Chris Cote I decided to bump the original episodes and to launch Surf Splendor with Chris’s interview. Chris was the Editor-in-Chief of the now defunct Transworld Surf magazine. This interview was recorded on 7/19/13, one day prior to the start of the US Open of Surfing and about 2 two weeks after he finished publication of the final issue of Transworld Surf. We discussed his unlikely rise from surf stoner to magazine editor, whether Twitter insults sting, and how to win Kelly Slater’s musical approval. We’ll update new episodes every other Monday and other video clips and reference material throughout the week so check back often.

The Final Issue of Transworld Surf

The Final Issue of Transworld Surf

Chris Cote and Kelly Slater’s duet of The Doobie Brother’s “What a Fool Believes”

Chris Cote on the End of Transworld Surf

Chris Cote on Twitter Trolls

Follow Chris on his website TheChrisCoteShow.com Twitter and Instagram