092 – Surf News, June 9, 2015


In today’s episode David and Scott discuss photographer’s infighting, Texas wave parks, Sally’s win with a ruptured ear drum, where Kelly’s wins went, and much more! Dig in!


Steele Fires Shots at Ellis

Steele vs Ellis

Balzer Fires Shots at Sherman

Sherman and Balzer


Here are the bullet points:
Austin, Texas
9 football fields large.
10 unique waves to choose from.
1’-6’ in size.
Including perfectly barreling waves and 35 second rides.
300 waves per hour.
Reclaimed/recycled water.
The same Spanish engineers from the Wave Garden
Opens in 2016

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.47.15 PM




SAMPLER from Marine Layer on Vimeo.


Litter Bugs! Listen for the full story.


Seth Moniz for his incredible rotation that flew under the radar.

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4 thoughts on “092 – Surf News, June 9, 2015

  1. P.J. Hahn

    Just played catch up on all the shows I missed over the past few weeks. Great stuff! Love having your show to help me stay connected to the only “sport” I’m truly passionate about. The Randy Rarrick episode was particularly engaging. I might have to listen a second time to gather up all the knowledge he dropped. Otherwise, I have only two gripes. First one you touched on at the very end of the most recent show, where you told Bassy to stop banging on the desk while talking. Please give him that pad you mentioned or a pillow or something! I have to turn the bass down in my truck while listening to avoid losing my mind! Secondly, I won the men’s Rio event, but didn’t join the pool so my handle was not mentioned during the show that followed that event. (Hahndo14). Give a guy a little credit, huh? haha. Maybe in the future mention the top 3 winners in and out of the pool? It would be fun to hear your name on the podcast! All jokes aside though, I’ll be joining the pool for the next event (J-Bay, b/c I’m lazy and missed Fiji) and will try to encourage others to do so. Keep the content coming, love the show. Cheers from Long Island, New York. -P.J. Hahn (@Hahndo14)

  2. Tony Roberts

    Tripping on your guys take on the photo reposting topic. The fact that you guys, with all your knowledge and experience on this topic, are so far off the mark, really shows how far knowledge and respect of intellectual rights and terms of using someone else’s original produced content is sliding.
    I agree a surf photographer in today’s environment needs to adapt and evolve outside of the surf “industry”. That is beyond obvious as the “industry” is broken and there is practically no marketing budget compared to before. Many like myself have made that transition with great success, using our reputation, results and experience, combined with a lifetime of film background, to evolve and put ourselves in a category no aspiring digital photog can enter. Others have been unable to evolve and stopped shooting and have taken up new careers.
    However the topic of reposting is separate and does not differ from standard copyright terms that have existed long before the digital era.
    Here is what I keep running into: I will give or sell a photo to an athlete for personal social media use. Of course we want to help them promote their surfing and career and many of these surfers don’t have any money. A company will then illegally repost the photo on their COMMERCIAL account without notifying the photographer. This is clearly blatant commercial usage of an image I produced and own the rights to, to sell THEIR product. Not legal and NOT cool- unless they contact the photog and negotiate compensation.
    You mentioned Instagram “owns” the image according to their usage terms. Irrelevant! That DEFINITELY does not include third party usage and commercial usage is strictly prohibited.
    When this does happen with my images I usually politely contact the company and they almost always agree to giving me compensation for publishing my content, because they know damn well right from wrong. Those companies who do not may end up in small claims court (where no lawyers are allowed- just the plaintiff, defendant and the judge who wants to see documented proof- with a maximum reward of $3000) and if so and the the photographer has everything documented the company will lose. I have won EVERY TIME so far against companies you all know. Some I even worked for again after taking them to court and winning.
    Once it’s digitally posted on a personal account it should be free for everyone Bassy??? Even companies to use commercially to sell their product??? Just because it is digital and has been posted non-commercially online? What’s different from saying back in the day you allow your slides to hit the light table and anyone can use them editorially AND COMMERCIALLY? Just because more eyeballs can see it in this format now it’s a free for all?? NO WAY JOSE.
    We have “already been paid” so unlimited third parties who see it online should then have rights somehow to use that to sell their product Dave?? Pure HOGWASH. We should just be stoked on the acknowledgement, mention and photo credit??? Are you kidding me man? Some of us have built up our names already, already work for the major brands and are not seeking promotion, publicity, follows or likes…we are trying to put food on the table to feed our families, putting in 100% working our asses off, consistently producing A+ results, adapting to the ever-changing platforms and continuing the only career we have ever had.


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