038 – Surf News for May 13th, 2014


In today’s episode of Surf News, David and Scott discuss finless surfing, shark deterrent wetsuits, the Billabong Rio Pro, Dustin Barca’s bid for mayor, the Duke and Kook, and much more.

Today’s episode was recorded at The Surfing Heritage & Culture Center in San Clemente.

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Mason Ho

Santa Ana Winds and Combo Swell in So Cal

Link to Surfline’s Swell Feature
Surfline Feature

Ode to Derek Hynd

Link to the Surfer Mag feature

Surfing Magazine Flipbooks Are Rad

Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

Shark Cull Update

ASP Talk

ASP Licenses the Triple Crown
ASP Acquires the XXL Awards
The Billabong Rio Pro

Congrats Michel & Sally!
Michel Bourez


Dustin Barca and best wishes in his bid for mayor.
Dustin Barca


Kook of the Day Instagram Page
Kook of the Day

Must See Moment

Click Here to See Chris Ward’s Bomb at Zicatela
Chris Ward

Spotify playlist for this episode

3 thoughts on “038 – Surf News for May 13th, 2014

  1. Jeff Shaw

    Dude Sharkcamo went out of business. Their website is gone.

    I was looking around for another option and found this product called SharkEx – http://www.sharkex.com

    Same idea, but I like their design better and they’re not as expensive as Sharkcamo was.

  2. Henning schwalbe

    About the striped wetsuits. The concept has been around for quite a while:
    This company made these shark decals and I was shark paranoid enough to paint these on a bunch of my handshaped boards.

    The problem with these designs is that you will never know if they work. You will only know if they don’t 😉


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