Fantasy Surfer

Join the Spit! Fantasy Surfer club to compete against David and Scott in WSL World Tour events!  Go to to create a team. Click on the “Club” tab, search “Spit!”, and simply join. It’s public and free to join.

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We also host a $10 per event pool which you can participating in if you’d like. It’s $10 for the Men’s event and $10 for the Women’s event. You can play both or just one or the other. The winner takes all after each event! There will be 2 winners: one winner for the Men’s event and one winner for the Women’s event.

To participate in the cash pool, go to PayPal and send your payment to and make to include your Fantasy Surfer name/handle with your payment so that I can properly identify you and pay you if you win!


22 thoughts on “Fantasy Surfer

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  2. Jeremy

    Hey Dave,

    My apologies,mi sent the ten dollars and entered BOTH men’s and women’s. Please give my wager to the men’s side winner.

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    1. DS Post author

      AJ, I’ll list everyone who is wagering once the event begins. Right now (I think) there are 7 people. We usually have about 20 or so.

  4. Helmys legends

    Hey David,

    I’ve been listening to your show (down the line) all year and after todays episode i found and entered your clubhouse. I hope you don’t mind i bumped you down a spot.
    Helmys legends

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  9. Giancarlo

    thank you soooooooo much for 1. the podcast— love it!!! 2. the fantasy surfer pool. i live in norther NJ, so i don’t really have a close knit surf crew (that and i have two kids). anyway, its tough to get any group together for a money pool. thank you again for the entertainment and insight!!!! i learn a lot and get to listen to surf talk. definitely sharing you guys on my Facebook page and website…. thanks again

    1. Johnny

      I have much respect for you NJ guys! I went to school here in San Diego with a guy from Belmar, and he showed me video of him surfing when there was snow covering the beach! Too much for this native Hawaiian, lol.

  10. Johnny

    Hi DS,
    I submitted a payment of $10 for women’s Rio today. When do you ‘claim’ the payment, or when will it show in my Paypal account?

  11. Henry

    I have never used PayPal for anything before. If I were to win an event that I wagered in, how would I get paid? I attempted to set up a PayPal account, but they want some pretty security-sensitive information-ie:bank account’s actual sign in info. Is there another way to go about sending payment and/or receiving winnings?

    1. DS Post author

      Henry, I’d simply send the money to your PayPal account if you win. Once it’s in your PayPal account (which is instantaneous) you can send it to your linked bank account (for free, but it takes 3-4 days) or have them send you a check or even withdraw from an ATM (for a fee). PayPal is the safest, quickest and most convenient way for us to manage this, so it’s the only method we’re using at the moment.

    1. DS Post author

      There are 10 in the women’s wager for Margaret River. The list of names is in the discussion forum of the Clubhouse on

      1. Johnny

        Okay cool. So obviously more of a payout on the men’s side. I wish I woulda known about this club last contest, I was #1 in Fantasy Surf then! 😉 ….well, tied with one other person. I’ll check out the discussion side, thanks.


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