After 139 episodes, Surf Splendor has decided to open a donation platform. The show and the archives will remain completely free to all. Donors will not receive any perks other than the warm feeling that comes with such generosity. Donations go to cover the hard costs of producing the show and towards David and Scott’s time that could be spent at (real) work or with their families.

Our suggested monthly donation is $5 per month. You likely won’t notice the expense, it’ll keep us rolling, and it’ll cover the costs for all the listeners who aren’t doing their share. That said, here’s a huge “thanks” regardless of the amount!

Recurring Donation

Or use the button below to send a 1-time donation.

As for the division of donations collected; episode download statistics are tracked and the dollars are divided by the number of downloads. David and Scott split download revenues for the Surf News / Down The Line episodes 50/50, as the two co-hosts. All other episode donations are collected by David, as the sole host and sole producer of the content.