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Wax On features long form interviews with various surfing luminaries.

174 – Wax On: Dave Parmenter


We are thrilled to welcome back former guest Dave Parmenter. He first appeared in episode 101 of Surf Splendor where we outlined his biography. A former pro surfer, a surf writer, historian, and boardbuilder, Surfing Magazine once described Parmenter as “the most interesting surfing in the world.” In today’s show Dave explains how “old” surfboard designs are more advanced than many modern designs, why he doesn’t read surf mags nor watch surf films, and why he’s spending most of his watertime miles off the coast. Enjoy the show!

Dave Parmenter’s website is

Dave Parmenter by Matt George, 1986

Dave Parmenter by Matt George, 1986


Huge “Thank You” to Libertine Brewery for allowing us to record this episode at their San Luis Obispo location.


Read “Shaping Flippy’s Board”, an article written by Parmenter that originally appeared in the Surfer’s Journal in 2001.


And a few of Parmenter’s recent board’s built. Follow @AleutianJuice


Shred til you’re dead. #outthere #notreally #cheesegrater ?: @tessadp222 ?: @alan_bournisen

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Kamanu is the company that Dave spoke about when talking about single person canoes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 12.39.51 PM

Lastly, here are links to:
Rell Sunn’s entry on The Encyclopedia of Surfing

171 – Shaping Surfing: Jeff McCallum


Today’s episode of ‘Shaping Surfing’ features surfboard shaper Jeff McCallum. Jeff McCallum builds surfboards in San Diego California with an unwavering focus on quality. Quality is a word that gets thrown around pretty frivolously in surfboard building, so Jeff explains what exactly constitutes quality, it’s cost, and how to scale it with the growth of the business. Jeff is somewhat reclusive so it’s a real treat to have spent an hour with him and be able to bring that hour to you. His engagement with the media, or lack thereof, is just reflective of his personality and the fact that the dude is busy making surfboards by hand. And that’s where I found him, in his factory on a Tuesday morning at 9am, just a mere 12 miles north of the Mexican border. I hope that you enjoy today’s show.

Follow @McCallumSurfboards and

And purchase a McCallum surfboard at

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.44.33 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.44.44 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.45.11 PM

Jeff McCallum – Snapshot from Tim Mantoani on Vimeo.

6’0″ Heading to skeNGkwerks today. Inside @atacama_surf More info: (858)405-7856

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@cparkphoto of a little Classic fish we made @visslasurf #creatorsandinnovators A post shared by MCCALLUM SURFBOARDS (@mccallumsurfboards) on

167 – Wax On: Keith Malloy


Today we Wax On with Keith Malloy. Keith talks about his idealogical transition as a surfer, from riding high-performance thrusters to a “ride anything” mentality and how he’s documented that evolution through film, first with “Come Hell or High Water” and now with his latest documentary release “Fishpeople”. “Fishpeople” explores the lives of 6 sea-goers; a diver, a swimmer, a life coach, a photographer, and two professional surfers, as they examine how the sea has transformed their lives. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Keith Malloy.

Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy’s “Fishpeople”

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 11.55.25 AM

Keith Malloy in California by Tim Davis

Keith Malloy in California by Tim Davis

Keith Malloy in Indonesia, 2009 by Tim Davis

Keith Malloy in Indonesia, 2009 by Tim Davis

Keith Malloy on the Kamchatka peninsula, 2012.

Keith Malloy on the Kamchatka peninsula, 2012.

Keith Malloy’s short film for Farm League, “Surfers Healing”

Surfers Healing from Farm League on Vimeo.


Keith Malloy’s “Come Hell or High Water”

Emmett Malloy’s “Big Easy Express”

Chris Malloy’s “180 Degrees South”

165 – Caught Inside with Chris Cote: May 17, 2017


Welcome to a new show format! Caught Inside will keep you on the inside of surf industry gossip with a rotating panel of guest co-hosts. (Settle down! Bassy will be back next week with our usual show). Today’s show is co-hosted by Chris Cote. Scales and Cote recap the Oi Rio Pro and review Kelly Slater’s film “Continuance”. We hope that you enjoy the show. Please leave feedback, thoughts and suggestions in the comments section on or on Instagram. Thanks!


Chris Cote is the host of Monday M.A.S.S. New episodes every Monday. Click here to listen!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.36.52 PM


Congrats to Tyler Wright and Adriano de Souza

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.42.47 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.42.32 PM

Who is Yago Dora?

He’s the kid who beat JJF, Gabe, and Mick in the event. Read his interview with the WSL here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.47.33 PM

Filipe Toledo Gets An Interference, Storms The Judges Tower, then Gets Suspended from Fiji

Full stories on



The women start on May 28th and the men start on June 4th.


David & Chris’s Event Pick: Owen Wright

David’s Dark Horse: Josh Kerr. He’s having a brutally tough year, but remember this? The dude can tuberide and he has tons of experience at Cloudbreak.

Chris’s Dark Horse: Conner Coffin


David & Chris’s Event Pick: Sally Fitzgibbons

Chris’s Event Pick:

David’s Dark Horse: Laura Enever

Chris’s Dark Horse: Tatiana Weston Webb


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.00.15 PM

Kelly Slater’s “Continuance” is a documentary series directed and produced by Alek Parker (not to be confused with former East Coast pro surfer Alex Parker) and sponsored by Kelly’s entire portfolio of brands, credited are Outerknown, Firewire, and Kelly Slater Wave Co. Part 1 is a 15 minute video piece and it was released 2 weeks ago. The release for part 2 hasn’t yet be announced. The piece opens with Kelly stating, quote, “sometimes you need to clarify and define something to state your intentions . . . I want to win a world title this year. I’m going to give it everything I got. There’s been a lot of talk about me retiring . . . I don’t have to give an answer to that.” End quote.

The film is centered around the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast event and showcases Kelly’s progress through the event, his downtime with girlfriend Kalani Miller going to the zoo, him in the shaping bay with Tomo, him darting off on a quick strike mission prior to the event. It’s punctuated with a series of confessional-style interviews with Kelly discussing intentions, struggles, and really it’s heartwarmingly candid.

I get the feeling immediately, and because of Kelly’s opening quote, that Kelly is using this documentary series to guide the narrative of what he is doing in life and with his career. Speculation about retirement, his frayed focus, his lack of commitment for a 12th world title, have run rife. And even when he comments publicly about those things, the media often spins his brief commentary into an opinion piece whose overall sentiment often is very different than Kelly’s intended sentiment. I am as guilty of that as anyone. In fact, this film review may be just that, me attempting to read between the lines and analyze what Kelly is NOT saying, or perhaps even worse, I might be trying to psychoanalyze what Kelly’s words and actions secretly reveal about his intention without him even knowing it!! And that’s why we watch. That’s why we follow and read his every post.

So, again, it seems that with this series, Kelly is trying to wrench that conversation back into his control. It seems that, while he cannot control the commentary, he can be honest, he can wear his heart on his sleeve, and at the very least control he can control his own content. That is my impression from the first 20 seconds of the piece.

There’s a sentimentality to the piece that so charming. Kelly talking about the importance of his friendships with Luke Munro’s family and how they comforted him after he lost his father. Kelly’s thoughtful sensitivity and his intelligence has always made him more likable than other sports demigods that we revere. “Continuance” indulges us in that side of Kelly. After my 15 minutes spent watching, I feel like I know Kelly better, like I know him personally.

In one scene, in the shaping bay with Tomo, he’s expressing frustrations about people criticizing his board selection at Snapper. He’s like, “Everyone’s an f-ing critic now days. Nobody points out the positive aspects about the board. They just want to criticize.” His sensitivity about other people’s criticisms are surprising to me and they are very humanizing. I’d assume that Kelly would just tune out the critics, especially in the modern world with Internet trolls, but it actually made me like him more. The fact that he’s emotional about people’s criticism shows a certain openness. It shows an introspection.

So while I loved all of that, and getting a deeper glimpse of our hero, I was a little saddened that the whole film feels reflective. He’s talking about why the Gold Coast has been important to him over the years. It feels like a swan song, a farewell piece, something to document his final year on tour. While John John’s 2016 series “Twelve” featured John talking about the future and what’s to come, in “Continuance” whenever Kelly is talking about contests, he talking about past wins and looking at old trophies. The moments where he’s discussing the future are about his wave pool, his board designs, not competition. This is perhaps unintentional on Kelly’s behalf, but it’s noticed by the viewer.

Unequivocally, the most passion that Kelly expresses through the entire film is when he’s looking at forecasts and tracking swells around the globe. He even states that he abandoned his “boot camp” training regiment prior to Snapper to go surf overhead barrels. Todd Glaser, Kelly’s photographer and someone you know from this show, suggests that that’s a good thing, “While everyone else is riding small boards and prepping for contests, Kelly is getting shacked in overhead barrels. That’s what keeps him inspired and motivated.” Todd certainly knows better than I do about what motivates Kelly, but I’d have to wonder if that trip motivated Kelly to surf Snapper, or if it’s just reflective of where Kelly wants to spend his time.

The surfing alone makes “Continuance” worth watching. The one barrel they show at his strike mission prior to the Quiksilver Pro is below sea level, he pumps and weaves through the entire thing, multiple sections and it’s just absolutely insane. The contest footage from Snapper we all watched live, but these angles and slow motion really highlight Kelly’s body mechanics, his response time to ways that the wave is behaving, and how his board is engaging with him and the water’s surface as he rebounds off the whitewash after a cutty. It captivating actually. And it’s kind of a testament to the limitations of judging surfing, as every wave surfed from this edit, appeared to be a 10. Flawless surfing by Kelly.

Now again, I can’t help but psychoanalyze Kelly’s headspace with this piece and as a lifelong Kelly fan and someone who wants to see him trounce JJF at Pipe, Filipe at Snapper, Mick at J-Bay, there are some painfully disheartening clues in this piece that point towards a 2017 exit from the World Tour. Clues that only further serve to hammer home sentiments I’ve shared on this show about Kelly lacking the focus required to win his 12th world title.

The most obvious clue is that “Continuance” feels like a knockoff of John John’s series 12 that he published last year. JJF’s was a 7 part series that ending up documenting his campaign to win his 1st world title. It was heavily centered around his contest performances, it showed him spending downtime with his family. It showed him in the shaping bay with Pyzel. It showed him darting off on strike missions between events. And it was punctuated by confessional style interviews.

Kelly’s “Continuance” appears to have taken the exact same concept “Let’s document an attempt at a title campaign”. It’s taken nearly the exact same structure of JJF’s “Twelve” vacillating between the progress of the event, his down day exploring and his voice over about his headspace. And it even follows a similar shot list to JJF’s film. That isn’t a criticism. I loved “Twelve” and I like “Continuance” a lot, but it does illustrate Kelly following JJF’s lead, which to me, speaks VOLUMES.

In surfing, in board design, in marketing one’s self, and especially with his wave pool and Outerknown, Kelly has always innovated! We’ve never seen Kelly follow anyone else’s lead. And I feel like in the past, even if Kelly wanted to do a video series documenting his world title campaign, if Mick had done it the year before, or even worse, if Andy had done it the year before, Kelly would have immediately scrapped the idea! He’d abandon it to spite Andy! And what’s even worse is that 10 months after JJF launched “Twelve”, he delivered on his promise and won the world title! Kelly opened “Continuance” by stating his intention to win the world title in 2017. Where does that leave the series if he doesn’t win?

This following of John John’s footsteps feels as though Kelly’s already acquiesced his throne to John John. It’s apparent that he doesn’t view JJF as an adversary, as Kelly did with Andy. It seems as though he’s okay following JJF’s lead and that he views John John as a worthy successor to the throne of “best surfer in the world”. And I like that. If Kelly feels that way, I agree with him. John John is the complete surfer and he has the “IT” factor. John John would make him a great representative of our sport, in the tradition of Duke, Shaun Tomson, Steph Gilmore, and Kelly.

But in order for Kelly to win his 12th world title, he needs a fiery drive and determination and he needs to view JJF as an adversary. He needs to want to demolish JJF.

And just as a post-script, the irony of ironies, John John’s series was named “Twelve” because that’s his jersey number. Hurley had t-shirts printed with the number “12” on them and everyone wore them while they celebrated John John’s 1st world title in a champagne bath, Kelly among them, the very man who was and is striving for number 12 himself.

The film’s final frame is a slide with text that reads, “Coming out of Australia, Kelly is in a challenging position. But that is what Continuance is all about: the perseverance and commitment between where we are and where we want to be . . .” End quote.

So . . . is “Continuance” a documentary of Kelly’s 12th world title season or is it a documentary of Kelly’s final season on tour. Is it both? Time will tell.

And David’s all-time favorite Chris Cote moment

164 – David Scales x Kyle Thiermann


In today’s experimental show format, David interviews Kyle for the first hour, then Kyle interviews David for an hour. Kyle’s a former Surf Splendor guest, host of The Kyle Thiermann Show, big wave surfer, and Patagonia ambassador. The guys chat about the Big Wave Awards, the state of women’s big wave surfing, doing ayahuasca in the Costa Rican jungle, the power of intention, and David’s professional background. It’s practically a therapy session! Dig deep and enjoy!


Photo: Jason Khzouz @jkhzouz5000

Kyle’s podcast is available here:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.27.23 PM

Make sure to listen to his episode with Shawn Dollar

Beverages in today’s show were provided by Libertine Brewing Co. Here’s what David & Kyle drank.

The Aubree Saison

Stocking Stuffer




And the winners are . . .

Ride of the Year – Billy Kemper

Paddle Award – Ben Andrews

Biggest Wave – Francisco Porcella

Overall Best Womens Performace – Paige Alm

Overall Best Men’s Performance – Jamie Mitchell

Tuberide – Shanan Worrall by Jamie Scott

Shanan Worrall
Wipeout – Wilhem Banks


Kyle’s episode with Dr. Jeff McNairy



162 – Todd Glaser: Proximity


In today’s episode surf photographer Todd Glaser discusses his new project Proximity. Todd gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the 3 year production process, stories from the road with Kelly, John John, Dorian, Albee, Stephanie and Dave Rastovich. Then Todd recalls details from his most secret mission, documenting and releasing Kelly Slater’s wave pool in December of 2015. Enjoy the show!

Visit Todd Glaser’s website at
Follow Todd on Instagram here @ToddGlaser

Proximity Film

Purchase the coffee table book: CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.15.24 PM

That’s Todd swimming behind Kelly after he stomped his 540.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 9.41.12 PM

Here’s a small collection of Todd’s work.

Todd's first major cover. Greg Long, Surfer Magazine, June 2009

Todd’s first major cover. Greg Long, Surfer Magazine, June 2009

Todd Glaser Greg Long Surfer Poll Winner

Nathan Fletcher, Teahupo'o, Code Red Swell, 2013

Nathan Fletcher, Teahupo’o, Code Red Swell, 2013

Craig Anderson, Teahupo'o, 2013

Craig Anderson, Teahupo’o, 2013

Quiksilver's KS10 Campaign

Quiksilver’s KS10 Campaign

This image was used in Quiksilver's KS10 Campaign

This image was used in Quiksilver’s KS10 Campaign

See more of Todd’s work at

160 – Cyrus Sutton: Island Earth


In today’s episode David chats with professional surfer turned filmmaker Cyrus Sutton about his new film “Island Earth”. The film takes a candid look at the agricultural industry in Hawaii and  follows a young scientist’s struggle for truth between science and tradition as he enters an industry that many feel is threatening his homeland. Cyrus shares lessons from the film and how world travel and a decade of living in a van has positioned him to venture into filmmaking outside the world of surfing.

Attend Our Screening of “Island Earth” CLICK HERE

Find all screenings at

A BIG BACKYARD A Big Backyard from on Vimeo. STOKED AND BROKE UNDER THE SUN Under the Sun Trailer from on Vimeo. KORDOROY.TV Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 6.40.33 PM FOLLOW CYRUS ON INSTAGRAM

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158 – A Couple Things . . .


Lately there has been a batch of things that never make it into the podcast; film reviews, listeners comments, corrections from previous episodes, so today’s bonus episode is meant to set those records straight. Hope you enjoy this new, experimental format. Keep the feedback coming.




Jimmicane says “Hire Ex Pros”. We agree! David suggests keeping the judges in a soundproof booth, where they can’t hear the scores that surfers require.

Link to “A Simple Solution to Judging”


More impressively, I remember reading/hearing that Jimmy used to shoot photos of Emily Ratajkowsi (@emrata) back when she first began modeling swimwear in Florida. Do you still have her digits Jimmicane???!!

Swimsuit 2015: Hawaii Emily Ratajkowski NA/NA, Kauai, Hawii 4/26/2014 X158020 TK2 Credit: Yu Tsai Swimsuit by: Lybethras

Swimsuit 2015: Hawaii
Emily Ratajkowski
NA/NA, Kauai, Hawii
X158020 TK2
Credit: Yu Tsai
Swimsuit by: Lybethras


A better use of your time would be to watch Julian’s “Wayward”


Get your team locked in for Margaret River on

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.33.28 PM

And make sure to check out

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.36.14 PM


And Pete is absolutely still ripping!

The Executioner from Kyle Buthman on Vimeo.

156 – Sal Masekela


Today’s guest is Sal Masekela. Sal is a professional broadcaster, television host, musician & television producer. He came from the surf/skate/snow world but did a brief detour into mainstream entertainment with gigs on MTV and E! Television. He’s currently a correspondent for Vice Sports and the voice of the Red Bull Signature Series. In today’s episode we discuss Sal’s unique origin story and then Sal weighs-in on the failures of  the WSL broadcasters, Slater’s final year on tour, and why Mick Fanning will be the 2017 world champ. Enjoy!

As the host of VICE World of Sports, Sal gets on the field and into the ring through a series of compelling stories at the fringe of culture and politics, across a range of places and people through the one lens that connects them all: sport.

Sal also hosts The Red Bull Signature Series,  which includes the most progressive and innovative snowboarding, mountain biking, freestyle motocross, ice cross downhill, skiing and BMX events, showcased on custom courses from the inspiration of the athletes themselves.

ALEKESAM is the musical congruence of Sal Masekela and Sunny Levine. Theirs is a second generation musical union as the sons of longtime musical conspirators, Hugh Masekela and Stewart Levine. ‘All Is Forgiven’ is the first song off their second album (used in the closing of this show), the follow up to their 2012 debut, The Sound Of Alekesam.

153 – Mark Healey


This week’s guest is unflinching big-wave surfer, champion spear fisherman, and part time Hollywood stuntman Mark Healey.

He’s a perennial invitee to the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau contest at Waimea Bay, and winner of the 2010 Todos Santos Big Wave Event. Healey won the 2009 Billabong XXL Monster Tube Award for getting shacked at a little known Oregon wave known as the Yeti.

In addition to his big wave exploits, in 2008 Healey won the World Cup of Spearfishing in La Paz, Mexico, and he recently launched Healey Water Ops where he facilitates extreme ocean experiences for anyone who wants a world-class experience with the worlds best athletes.

You can find him on Instagram @HealeyWaterOps and at HealeyWaterOps.comI found him to very forthcoming, affable, astute and very spoken. I really enjoyed chatting with him and appreciated his insights into a lot of aspects of professional surfing that Scott and I speculate on regularly. I’m really pleased to be able to bring this episode to you. Enjoy!

Mark Healey's 2009 XXL Monster Tube Award Winning Wave by Jason Murray (at The Yeti in Oregon)

Mark Healey’s 2009 XXL Monster Tube Award Winning Wave by Jason Murray (at The Yeti in Oregon)

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.44.46 PM

Click to learn more about Healey’s Ginastica routine on

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.45.10 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.44.27 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.45.45 PM