161 – Surf News, April 27, 2017


Someone contact BeachGrit, there’s a Blood Feud! David vs Scott! Kidding . . . kinda . . but not really. The tension boils over in today’s episode and Scott fires first! Then the boys chat about Surf News, the non-interference at Bells, protecting Hawaii’s lifeguards from frivolous lawsuits, an eye-opening/watering Kelly podcast (not ours!), Dukes and Kooks and much, much more! Enjoy the show! And please send thoughts to David at hello@SurfSplendorPodcast.com and Scott at scott@surfboardshow.com


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Island Earth Trailer from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.


Scott’s Call To Action worked!


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.28.49 PM

Alex Gray gets reimbursed $3,500 from American Airlines!


Jordy takes down Caio for the win.

Frederico will not be ignored.

JJF’s Alley Oop

Glendyn Ringrose’s Heartwarming and Hard-Fought Story


Glynden Ringrose

The Non-Interference

Zeke gets an interference, then it gets reversed. Everything, seemingly, is right in the world, except for the fact that apparently the judges have a different, inferior feed than we do? Weird, right?




Or listen right here:


Matt Meola’s mind-bending, game-changing surf edit, “Numb”. Everyone talks about the airs, but it’s not just airs, the turns (check the one at the 3:00 mark), and the “Clay-backs” are all insane. And let’s not forget that the dude charges Jaws. MUST SEE!


The rescue team that saved Russell Bierke, amongst ’em, Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Ross-Clarke Jones, Ryan Hipwood, and Ben Serrano. LINK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY ON COASTAL WATCH

Click “play” below to watch Russell in all his glory.

Bezerke from O’Neill on Vimeo.


The state lawmakers, chaired by Scott Nishimoto, who aim eliminate protection to Hawaii state lifeguards from frivolous lawsuits.

RepostBy @sunnygarcia: “HELP PROTECT OUR LIFEGUARDS A group of personal injury lawyers and lawmakers are misleading the public and some legislators in an effort to make money off of Hawaii’s tax payers from frivolous lawsuits against lifeguards. Each day, the men and women of Ocean Safety lay their lives on the line to save complete strangers no matter the conditions, the risk involved, or the level of danger. These are the faces of just some of the lifeguards around the state of Hawaii that risk their lives each day to protect you. Please call or email Scott Nishimoto 808-586-8515 repnishimoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov, Joy San Buenaventura 808-586-6530 repsanbuenaventura@Capitol.hawaii.gov, Sylvia Luke 808-586-6200  repluke@Capitol.hawaii.gov, Jill Tokuda 808-587-7215 sentokuda@capitol.hawaii.gov to urge them to support Senate Bill 562 SD1 in support of limited liability protection for Hawaii’s Ocean Safety Lifeguards and to end the sunset clause to make this permanent. For more information, please click the link in the bio and to share awareness, repost the image above and #PROTECTHAWAIILIFEGUARDS” (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)

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3 thoughts on “161 – Surf News, April 27, 2017

  1. WG

    Finally caught up on the episode and want to provide a different perspective. Also looking forward to the film showing in Long Beach! I am relatively new to the surfing world (moved to CA after college from a landlocked state) so what drew me to the show was the interview pieces sharing new perspectives of surfing, or learning about other surfers out there and how they take on the world we all call surfing. Its incredible to hear and i get stoked with the material getting put out. Ive only got a few surf buddies or people i can even talk surfing with so it helps listening, and thats what you want out of a podcast. So that is what drew me here. Ive also grown to love the dialogue between you and Scott and enjoy the news pieces. The more surf talk, information, and perspective i can download into my brain the better for the surf world i am creating around me. BUT, how i accessed this show is through your efforts and i had never heard of Down the Line Podcast and there is value in that for you. I do however see where Scotts coming from as hes worked a long time and being doing his thing and doesnt want it to go to waste or forgotten as the young buck is coming strong into the game and drawing listenership. You have your thing and youre good at it, and he has his and is good, but now you are together and its great. Before you ruin a good thing, and its a good thing ill repeat, it needs to be (IMO) something new or re-branded. Not one or the other. Because to me, its your show and hes a feature, but to others it could be him on a new platform with no control… Thats just where im coming from and hope that no matter what you settle your slight animosity and continue to pump out great content through what is now my favorite podcast. Hope to see you in Long Beach and hope for a successful show. Ever consider radio? Would be funny as hell if listeners could call in.

  2. Martin Estevez

    Hey guys! I feel like I’m in debt with both of you, and this my way of giving something back!

    Going backwards on my thoughts, It really doesn’t matter how you name the “show” as long as you do it as a pair of hosts. It’s clear to me that both of you equally contribute to the show regarding to contents and it doesn’t feels like neither of you is leading the show. None the less, it’s strange that David makes his very own intro to the show prior to Scott’s opening, you should work on that and maybe alternate one episode each.

    Regarding to the numbers and the tracking of sources and listeners, it’s true that I’ve already unsubscribed from “Down the line” podcast just because bieng subscribed to both (DTL and SS) only ended up duplicating contents… Because David frecuently adds some contents to the final edit , being subscribed only to SS seems logical. I was new to the podcast scene a year ago and looking for good surf content found both of your shows, and after a month came to understund you both did the same show but with different intros and shownotes, so discarded DTL just for the sake of my phone’s internal memory…

    So, I’d advice you to come up with ONE name for the show you both host, and keep both of your personal contents (that I’ve been loving btw, the feature episodes David has been doing are exceptional!! keep them coming) on a separate channel (or podcast in this case). This will allow us (listeners) to keep a better track of the contents you produce and I’m sure it will end up strengthening your common show as what it is, a surf news and related content podcast. It would be nice to hear some personal and original content from Scott regarding to the Boardroom stuff…

    So, to sum up, a big “cheers”, talk it through and work your things up. I agree that your enemy-friendly relationship adds value to the show but only if you both know where you stand!


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