155 – 2017 WSL Season Analysis


In today’s episode David and Scott analyze the upcoming 2017 WSL season and the first event at Snapper Rocks. Who will win? How will the rookies perform? Will Mick and Owen return to their world title contention? Who will be Duke? And who will be Kook? So much fodder! Enjoy!


Alex Gray’s POV of those Morocco tubes.

One minute, one ride. Peer through the window of your device and enjoy @a_gray’s Moroccan experience.

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Ross Williams will be stepping out of the commentary booth into the world champ’s corner as his full time coach. Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.26.59 PM





Stuart Kennedy: Proven prowess, especially in right hand pointbreaks. Ethan Ewing: unknown in the big leagues, but tons of promise. Zeke Lau: the most potential, but the also the most volatile? Connor O’Leary: the next Ace Buchan? Conner O Leary Frederico Morais: He’s consistent and has a record of giant-killing, but a bit unexciting. Frederico Morais Joan Duru: He’ll fall the way of Dion Atkinson Joan Duru Leonardo Fioravanti: Really well-rounded and a proven competitor. Leonardo-Fioravanti Ian Gouveia: Maybe the next Alex Ribeiro?   Ian Gouveia


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Wave pool surfer Mo Rahma for his attempt to conquer Mullaghmore.

4 thoughts on “155 – 2017 WSL Season Analysis

  1. Jason Latos

    Hey guys, avid listener, love the podcast. At the tail end of your most recent show there was a quick discussion on the heels of the Mo Rahma video around having to share crowded line ups with, in essence, beginner surfers. Clearly this is a problem that continues to grow as the popularity of surfing grows. What is missing are any rules or guidelines for anyone learning to surf as to where and when they should paddle out. The swell forecasting sites don’t help either. Most beginners don’t realize that really good conditions can often be the more dangerous.

    On that, consider the idea of creating a generally accepted “experience rating system” for swell conditions. Quite simply, the more challenging the conditions the higher the experience rating and vice versa. This might seem quite obvious to the every day surfer but for beginners it could be just the guidance they need to keep them from entering a dangerous situation. The swell forecasting sites could manage this. On small days there might be a green circle indicating it’s perfect for beginners. On bigger days there might an orange or red circle indicating you should be at the intermediate or advanced level to paddle out. This would run in tandem with the swell rating i.e fair, good, epic etc. and would demonstrate that just because the swell is good, if it’s a red circle and you’re a beginner you probably shouldn’t be paddling out. These would only be guidelines and everyone is free to do as they choose but at least it would give some sense of order and intelligence beyond the current system of every man/woman for themselves.

    Love your thoughts.

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