148 – Surf News, December 31, 2016


In today’s episode David and Scott discuss the highest paid surfers of 2016, recap the Pipe Masters & the Nazare Challenge, and Scott dissects a recent altercation he had in the lineup and reevaluates his entire intention as a surfer. We’re ending 2016 with some deep talk :) We hope you enjoy!


Congrats to 2016 Pipe Master, Michel Bourez.

Kanoa edges past Kelly to make his first final of 2016.

JJF wins the 2016 Triple Crown, his 3rd!


JJF stomps the largest ever alley oop.

Kelly puts together one of the best combos we’ve ever seen.

Kelly free surfing Ehukai


Congrats to Jamie Mitchell for winning one of the most hectic surf events ever. Link to Jed Smith’s recap of the event.


Click the link to the full article, or scroll down for the final results!

These numbers represent their approximate earnings (endorsements and contest winnings) for 2016.

  1. John John Florence = $6 million
  2. Gabriel Medina = $5.5 million
  3. Jordy Smith = $3 million
  4. Mick Fanning = $2.8 million
  5. Kolohe Andino = $2.6 million
  6. Julian Wilson = $2.3 million
  7. Filipe Toledo = $1.6 million
  8. Stephanie Gilmore = $1.4 million
  9. Carissa Moore = $1.12 million
  10. Jack Freestone = $1 million



Damien Hobgood for catching more memorable waves off Tour than he did on Tour.


Stab’s first installment of “Culture Shifters” featuring Facebook’s Creative Director, Scott Trattner. Click here to watch the video.



One thought on “148 – Surf News, December 31, 2016

  1. RJ

    Howsit guys, As always, I enjoy your podcast. Sometimes I wish they were longer.
    I had some thoughts about sharing waves / dropping in, etc while listening to Scotts articulate letter. I know that the more crowded it is the more pressure there is to get waves, in this situation it is very difficult to maintain a set of rules everyone will abide by. I think everyone would agree that Crowds are the worst part of surfing.

    As I am getting older,( I’m basically the same age as you guys), I realized that when you have like minded individuals that can share waves the sessions are that much better. Very satisfying. I will be honest with you guys, I have more fun surfing semi- Junk with a few good friends than I do in crowded firing waves. oh I wonder Why? well, the vibe is completely different.

    If everyone was down with sharing and waiting their turn, there would be less pressure to fight for waves, which should equal more enjoyable sessions. for almost everyone.

    What this means for guys that are still learning – or- new – or aggressive is….

    1. after you catch a wave at the peak or wherever the waves seem to be good and others are around you,
    2. you should paddle out of the way of anyone riding a wave behind you, ( I think if I can spray you, that’s too close.)
    3. Sit to the side of the peak behind the last guy in line. as guys catch waves the line up will clear.

    if you miss a wave, I think you should have to wait again yeah?

    I know this may be hard to do in some situations, but all it comes down to is sharing.

    for me the hardest time to share like this is when there are unfamiliar faces, or guys that just don’t know what they are doing or don’t know how to surf, or even guys that just keep blowing waves consistently.

    wait your turn, catch a wave, paddle out wide, wait your turn again.

    Surfing is changing due to the crowd pressures, Be cool instead of a Donkey.



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