140 – Kyle Thiermann


In today’s episode, David chats with Kyle Thiermann about transitioning $300 million dollars from corporate banks into small banks, saving Hawaii’s coral reefs, holding his breath for 4 minutes, cold water therapy and much, much more. This episode also marks the very first opportunity to donate to Surf Splendor. Follow the link of SurfSplendorPodcast.com and enjoy the show!


Kyle Thiermann on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram




Kyle at Mavs


David and Kyle, mid recording.

Kyle with his Travis Reynolds' shaped Gun.

Kyle with his Travis Reynolds’ shaped Gun.

2 thoughts on “140 – Kyle Thiermann

  1. Carlos

    Hey David, Paypal was not giving me the option for recurring donation. Is recurring donation not set up yet? Amazing episode and my personal favorite. Kyle is such a cool cat and such an interesting approach to documenting stories.


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