129 – Dave Prodan, VP of Communications for the WSL


The WSL’s VP of Communication Dave Prodan is the guest on today’s show. Dave’s a regular listener of Surf Splendor so he was eager to address many of the issues that David (Scales) and Scott have speculated about for years. Topics include, alternate judging formats, including a Big Wave Tour event into the ‘CT schedule, a “Major’s” concept for the ‘CT, and much more. Enjoy today’s show. Let us know your thoughts on Dave and perhaps we can invite him back as a semi regularly guest. Thanks for playing Dave!

Scott Bass and Dave Prodan at the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center

Scott Bass and Dave Prodan at the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center


This is a really great series of interviews with Kelly Slater. I’ve post a couple, but YouTube autoloads the rest of the series. They are all worth watching.


This week’s Kook and Duke can both be found in the same video. The Kook is obvious, the jetski driver who drove straight into the maxed shorebreak at the Wedge, and then into the jetty . . . . with his girlfriend no less!


And the Duke’s are all the lifeguards who have to save kooks like this every summertime. This type of insanity rarely happens in the winter. Bravo to the lifeguards who risk their lives for absolute imbeciles.

3 thoughts on “129 – Dave Prodan, VP of Communications for the WSL

  1. Sandy Olney

    Great WSL show with Dave Prodan. Next time maybe interview him w/o Scott. He needs to relax and back off with the whole, “Ive been in the surf industry for 20 years” routine. Obviously he’s s great co-host but your line of questions are more interesting….his game of thrones comparisons???

    Thanks for your efforts as always. -Sandy

  2. John

    David, you forgot to ask Dave Prodan what was the last board he rode! That’s your signature question!!!

  3. Jamie Burrows

    Love your work guys, avid fan, good job.

    Totally agree that our growing acceptance of slang is dumbing down our language. People learning english claim that we have a very descriptive language, lots of words to enable very accurate descriptions. In the New York Bronx 30 odd years ago Rap and Hip Hop emerged from disgruntled, poor Americans. This is poetry and a rekindled interest in our language as an art form from an unlikely source, how cool is that?

    I’ll table an early Scott-like disclaimer, my facts may be loose but I hope my points are still valid. Your new podcast title, “the fact-free surf conversation with Scott and David”?

    Your comments on Wilko were interesting. Why is he not a World Champion type? We should enjoy the diversity and the different ways talent is realised. He is surprised when he pulls it off, the turn, wave and event. Perhaps easier on your back hand to throw caution to the wind and go vert (thanks Joe T) to recover with a forehand top turn. But he did front at Fiji on his forehand. I dropped him from my team after Snappers, no way would a bar tab like that after Bells lead to many other good performances. He is the ‘antithesis’ of todays competitive surfer, he’s a blue collar, good time charlie, raw Aussie bloke. And he is being coached by Micro, check Tyler Wright, coaching must be the difference.

    We have learnt that those who play the game well are not necessarily the best coaches. John John also needs a good coach, he doesn’t need to talk to his competitors to get in their heads as you suggest. That would be out of character and is more likely to affect his flow and intuition and therefore surfing. He needs to learn how to compete, this could be Bebe, I don’t know. John John does need a or the cutting edge, he doesn’t have the burning furnace that stokes that cutting edge. He needs to be taught how to realise his ability in a competition, he needs a good coach.

    Gaby should have been scored for that air on the end section at Fiji. This points to an interesting and well trodden subject, judging and their interpretation of the rules. Nick Carroll was asked whose the best surfer ever? He replied “well competition wise it has to be Kelly. But if the criteria was style, creativity and aggression then it’s Andy Irons.” The judges should not interpret, why mainly score tubes at Fiji, Tahiti and Pipe? The judges criteria sounds great in theory, but they should not interpret. They should be completely open minded and expect anything on any wave, objectively apply the criteria, not subjectively. Scott said surfing isn’t a sport because the judging is subjective – exactly.

    We don’t see enough of Rasta, Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds and others because they, in their individual ways, don’t like being judged by others and against other’s criteria. Gerry Lopez said whoever is having the most fun is the best surfer out. Could the WSL judges add fun to their criteria? If they did Wilko may be the next world champion!

    Jamie Burrows, Port Waikato, New Zealand.


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