125 – Surf News, May 2, 2016


In today’s show David and Scott discuss Dane Reynolds compensation and dispute with Quiksilver. They also chat about the Big Wave Award winners, Kelly Slater’s Willy Wonka-style Golden Ticket to his wave pool, and the upcoming Oi Rio Pro. So much good stuff. Dig in!



Dane by Morgan Maassen

Dane by Morgan Maassen

Really, this whole debacle was best summed up by Reuters “Surfwear retailer Quiksilver Inc and professional surfer Dane Reynolds are battling over $3.6 million the surfer says he is owed from a sponsorship deal from before the company went through its bankruptcy reorganization. Reynolds’ demand is unjustified because he agreed last year to give up all claims related to the deal, Quiksilver said in court papers on Tuesday.

You read the various developments in the story on BeachGrit: PART ONE and PART TWO. Part One includes Mickey Picon’s embarrassingly poorly written email to Blair Marlin (as read by Scott Bass on the show).

Also, BG contributor Rory Parker dug up this compensation schedule from Dane’s contract:



Here’s the full broadcast.

Shane Dorian’s Ride of the Year:

Paddle Award: Aaron Gold

Biggest Wave Award: Yuri Soledade

Barrel of the Year Award: Keala Kennelly

Keala Kennelly by Tim McKenna

Keala Kennelly by Tim McKenna

Wipeout of the Year: Niccolo Porcella

Men’s Performance of the Year: Shane Dorian

Women’s Performance of the Year: Andrea Moeller


Scott Bass develops the ultimate marketing strategy for KS Designs; a golden ticket with each board purchase, one of which grants the lucky winner a pass to surf Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool. A capital idea!

Brilliant photoshop by Scott Bass

Brilliant photoshop by Scott Bass


The WSL builds a footbridge to protect competitors from the pandemonium and fans.

The crowd in Rio in 2015

The crowd in Rio in 2015

This year competitors will have the benefit of an elevated footbridge from the competitors area to the water.



Surfline’s Time Lapse Footage of the Whale Washing Ashore at Lowers.


Donald Trump for threatening to blockade Doughmore Doonbeg Beach. Full story on MagicSeaweed and sign the petition to prevent the 200,000 ton wall that would ruin Doughmore.

Anti Trump Petition


Barney Miller. The film documenting his story, “You and Me” is touring Australian now. Here’s the 60 Minutes overview. We’ll update you on when the film is available to watch.

5 thoughts on “125 – Surf News, May 2, 2016

  1. Pobby Brown

    Just a heads up for a potential must-see moment, or moments at 24 frames per second.

    Fire and Water is a film that is making the rounds at certain festivals and includes rare home movies of Don Gums Eichen on HI’s North Shore circa his infamous face plant. It also goes on to explore Eichen’s legacy as a surfer and as the patriarch of a surfing family of NYC Firefighters.

    Check it out

  2. John

    Hey David and Scott,

    I agree the with Jason the personal interviews are great. Another person you should consider interviewing is Manuel Caro of Mandala Surfboards. I’ve go a couple of his boards and they’re incredibly fast. Not to mention he’s a cool cat too.

    I’m nearly finished binge listening to your old podcasts, and when I’m done you guys are going to need to step it up.

    One other thing, I did take a listen to the guys that do that Australian podcast Ain’t That Swell. Those guys are friggin hilarious. They should let the two of you and those guys call the next event.

    P.S. When Scott is prepared the podcast is 10X better. Just sayin….


  3. JT

    Hey David,

    Now I’m no marine biologist, I did take one class in college though, but I wanna say that sharks attack closer to the shore because there is less water for the prey to escape into. The sharks will drive the fish towards shore essentially trapping them between the ocean floor, the beach, and the surface. This way they can almost corner them and makes it easier to catch em and get a meal.

    BTW love the show, looking forward to more interview style podcasts!

  4. Jason Ramsey

    Hey Love the show, I don’t know if it missed anything where you mentioned what I am about to ask, but where did the more personal interviews go? I love the surf news, but the more personal interviews were great. Thanks.



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