119 – Surf News, February 2, 2016


Recorded while David and Scott watch the final day of the Volcom Pipe Pro, the boys discuss Kelly’s plea to investigate 9/11, Quiksilver’s $600 million bailout, Brock Little’s cancer diagnosis, Brazil’s unpaid bills, and so much more. Dig in and enjoy!


Shout out to Keahi de Abortitz, who David mistakenly referred to as a “no namer”, but who is actually a 2x Kitesurf Champion and all-around waterman.

Which leads us to another great waterman, Kai Lenny.


After catching criticism for not running the Eddie on 2 very worthy swells, Quiksilver released this statement which only served to fuel the Internet’s (and our) skepticism about whether the event will ever run again.

Let’s set the story straight, the team here at Quiksilver want The Eddie to run more than anyone. However we also want it to be a fair event contested in conditions Eddie Aikau himself would have approved of. For this prestigious event to get the green light the event criteria must be met. The waves MUST be in 20 foot plus range for an entire contestable 8-hour period. That means from 8am to 4pm Waimea Bay must be bigger than 20 foot. The judging format for The Eddie is different to every other event in the world. The surfers waves in the first heat are judged against surfers waves in the last heat. Therefore if we ran the event yesterday, where the waves didn’t peak until the afternoon, the first three heats would have been surfed in smaller, lesser, unfair conditions. The event window remains open until February 29th and another storm is forming for next week. Although it’s a long way out, we have everything crossed that it will produce the waves we need to run this amazing spectacle of a surfing event. Any questions, hit us in the comments and we will do our best to make sure they are answered. #EddieWouldGo.

A photo posted by @quiksilver on

And the bankruptcy court purged $600 million dollars of Quiksilver’s $900 million dollar debt. Read the full story on SMH.com Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 7.36.42 PM


What? Kelly in sunnies?


Case and point: The 10-minute long The Dill & Beeg Project has 30k plays. They spent 1 year filming. Is that a worthy investment for Monster? For Dill or Beeg? Hard to justify the expense for so little exposure, especially when Mickey Wright punches out a 3-minute clip that took 3 weeks to film and racked up 85k plays. Is less more? Will you even sit through the full 10 minutes? The Dill & Beeg Project from Brendon Gibbens on Vimeo. RAGE from wade carroll on Vimeo.


First Kelly saves a mum and her baby. Then drops some serious truth on us. Then he takes down the Volcom Pipe Pro! The old man won’t quit! Kelly_Champ_Marquee


Tom Dosland’s massive wipeout at Pe’ahi


Our boy Brock Little. Brock is an icon and last month he was diagnosed with cancer. He’s been enduring chemo and recently shared this news with everyone via Instagram.

Derek Rielly called Brock to discuss. Click “play” below.

And Warshaw shared some thoughts here. Click to read.

brock and warshaw


Our Kook of the week is the ‘QS contest organizers in Brazil who failed to pay contestants from their 2015 events. In this article Perth Standlick and Beyrick de Vries share their stories, but the rumor that these aren’t 2 isolated incidents. Read the full article on StabMag.com

Beyrick surfing for free in Brazil

Beyrick surfing for free in Brazil

2 thoughts on “119 – Surf News, February 2, 2016

  1. Kasper

    A friendly reminder from a Swede that lovesyour show with all the friendly banter as well as the more in-depht stories. Regarding 2 february surf news. If somebody has the time to listen through 1 h 30 min of surf news brought to the world by you (yes I love it) well, then I´m sure that watching 10 minutes of Craig or Dillon wont be such a wast of time as you seem to feel. The fact that one “surf clipp or short movie” has less views then another might only be of importance to a sponsor or a brand and say nothing of the quality or “artistic value” in the actual movie. At least I hope that Dillon or Craig Anderson doesn´t feel that there “life captured” in film was a waste of time.. That a clip is short might actually be one reason why it will receive more views (taking for granted that it has something to show for it) but personally I hope that there will be space in the surfing world for both the “less” and the “more”. There are plenty of short clips with a lot of views that at least me consider “a waste of time” and that lead me to believe that quality or value can’t be defined in numbers. Less us only hope that creativity, skill and honest expression will triumph over revenue and Capitalistic interest.

    All the best to you guys, and Like I say. I love what your doing, since day one.


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