112 – Rob Machado and Surf News, December 14, 2015


We have a supersized show for you today, complete with an interview with Rob Machado and Firewire CEO Mark Price discussing Rob’s new line of Firewire constructed boards. The Machado interview starts at the 65 minute mark, so skip ahead if desired. The first half of the episode features David and Scott discussing all the happenings of this glorious North Shore season; the injuries, the historic sessions, the life saving rescue of Evan Geiselman, Duke, Kooks, and so much more. Dig in and enjoy!


Bruce Falters Against Filipe (shhhhhhhhhhhocking!)

Adriano Continues the Charge Onward

Jordy’s “Turn of the Event”

Kelly Narrowly Slips Through

Carissa Moore Ruling Backdoor


Oh glory, Mick!


Highlights from the Pe’ahi Challenge


Huge congrats to Carissa and a certainly honorable mention to Sally Fitz who also ripped the bag out of it.


Worth the watch for the comedy. Thanks, Sterls!
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 6.44.49 PM


Gabriel’s Death Defying Floater. Go to the 8:30 minute mark


Johnny “Boy” Gomes for punching and trying to drown a 56 year old surfing at Waikiki last week. Link to the article on SurferMag.com



Andre Botha for legitimately saving Evan Geiselman’s life. Dare to click play below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 6.57.34 PM



3 thoughts on “112 – Rob Machado and Surf News, December 14, 2015

  1. Mariano Ronquillo Japón

    Hi David,

    First of all, thank very much for your podcasts (also for Scott). I really enjoy your show and every week I can’t wait to download a new episode. I listen to your programme from very far of your location: I live in Seville, the main city in the south of the Spain, and my main spot is El Palmar in Cádiz, also called “Cadizfornia” when the waves are pumping :-).

    I’d like to add a comment about a topic you usually discuss in your show: the Brazilian Storm. We are seeing from the last two years how several brazilian surfers are riping and winning events and the CT; and you have discussed (as Scott and Rob Machado in this episode) how are brazilian surfers heading the new national force in the world of surfing, well above americans and australians. For sure, there must be a lot of reasons, but I’d just like to add one that perhaps it is important to understand this fact.

    It is clear that Brazil has thousand and thousand of kilometers of beaches, and so plenty of ripable waves; besides, brazilians love sports: football, volleybal, … and, of course, surfing. Additionally, surfing is becoming more and more popular, and as a result, thousands of brazilian surfers are every day ripping in their wonderful waves. Surfing industry is also growing as the sport is spread out along the world, and obviously different surf brands need surfers as an important part of their marketing strategy. And here it where I find the difference respect other surfer countries like USA or Australia.

    USA and Australia are developed countries, that offer all the citizens plenty of opportunities to study and develop a profesional career in many fields (science, engineering, medicine, teaching, ….). On the other hand, Brazil is a developing country with not as many opportunities to earn a living as the developed ones. And here it is where I find the difference, many young surfers dream to make a living while doing what they love to do = surfing. In Brazil, I find that the chance that surf brands give to young brazilian surfers is nearly the only opportunity they will have in their life in their country, and perhaps that is a key reason for the winning instict of these surfers.

    Some years ago, I lived for a short time in Ubatuba in Brazil, where Filipe Toledo and Wigolly Dantas come from, and I could see by myself the lack of opportunities they have and the natural talent for surfing they own.

    Keep pushing with your show and good luck with the waves!!

    Mariano Ronquillo Japón
    Instagram: mrjapon

  2. Tony Proffit

    Bit of a late email in response to your comments about Andy Irons and that perhaps it’s time to start talking more openly about his drug addiction. I completely agree that this needs to be more openly discussed, especially as the boundaries within surfing are being pushed further and further.

    Reminded me of a talk I listen to about ‘being in flow’ – Steven Kotler: “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance”


    Listen from around 19:00 where it’s explains the Neurochemistry of flow, Norepinepherine / Dopamine / Anandamide / Endorphins / Serotonin, which all flood the brain at once when we’re in flow.

    Typically a surfer will be in flow, especially when pushing our limit’s on the bigger waves.

    It’s like taking Cocaine / Speed or Ritalin / Marijuana / Morphine / MDMA all at the same time… which is an extremely addictive experience.

    The dangers are a surfer wants to keep pushing their limits to be back in flow… and they also connect extreme sports with high levels of depression…. How do you get your ‘fix’ in the down time when there’s no swell?

    – – – – – –

    I also agree with the suggestion that it would be great to do a follow up on the WSL financial state of the WSL throughout 2015 and into 2016… at least they made it past Portugal.

    Hopefully they’ll make it through 2016 so Ricardo Christie can get back on tour 2017!

    – – – – – –

    Listening from New Zealand and always enjoy the banter. Keep up the good work


  3. Jason MacDonald

    DLS; Before your next surf news episode and before you and Scott switch focus 100% to Kelly Slater’s Frankenstein creation, I hope we’ll hear your thoughts on the WSL judges handing a gift wrapped world title to ADS. I rant to you because I have no where else to rant and because maybe the judges listen to your podcast.

    ADS was one of the hardest chargers this year, and would have loved to see him win it fair and square, there’s nothing to criticize regarding ADS’s efforts in 2014-15. And for a second I’ll forget the blunder the judges made scoring Filipe under 5 points for the Pileline bomb he dropped into which effectively ended his title run…

    But the injustice perpetrated upon Mick Fanning when the judges handed Medina a 6-point-plus score for what in 2015 has become a very standard stock air reverse on a 2 foot junk wave with a dirty landing, well this sort thing is certainly not what I want to see in the final heats of one of the closest title races in recent history. I’d like Richie Porta’s home number if you have it.

    Anyhow, looking for to hearing the Surf News opinion on the whole mess.

    Crazy week in the world of surf.

    Happy Holidays!


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