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Today’s guest is former pro surfer, surf writer, and boardbuilder, Dave Parmenter. Surfing Magazine once described Parmenter as “the most interesting surfing in the world.” In this conversation we discuss his career path, how easily legacy can be misinterpreted, and we get insight into Dave’s view of the current state of surf culture. Enjoy!

The Encyclopedia of Surfing was helpful in outlining today’s show. View Parmenter’s entry here.

Dave Parmenter’s website is Nowtro.com

Dave Parmenter by Matt George, 1986

Dave Parmenter by Matt George, 1986

Read “Shaping Flippy’s Board”, an article written by Parmenter that originally appeared in the Surfer’s Journal in 2001.

And a few of Parmenter’s recent board’s built. Follow @AleutianJuice

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.20.43 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.21.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.21.30 PM

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5 thoughts on “101 – Dave Parmenter

  1. Nick

    While I’m sure he makes nice outrigger canoes or whatever the fuck it is, he didn’t come across at all like the elder statesmen he fancies himself to be. More like an exclusionary, curmudgeonly old grump with a garbled message. He seemed to actually be proud of his willful ignorance and would rather bury himself in his romanticized fairy land where no-one is an offshore waterman but him and his friends (make sure you buy his product but expect a stink eye from him in the line up if you are off the grid enough to find it!). Hilariously, he actually sounded like the people he professed to hate, those that get bitter when they realize that it’s all passing them by. By paddling so far out, he’s actually paddled up his own arse. We don’t need to worry about him ever reading this because that’s just how cool he is.

  2. Lachlan

    Hey Dave,
    Awesome interview,
    Ive been listening for about a year now, and having moved from the South Coast of Australia to the German-Dutch border with my family (4 months in), am finding these podcasts a nice way to keep connected with surfing (which I miss heavily as I used to surf at least 3x a week, and also strangely relaxing – as my life is currently no longer so defined by the weather and swell).
    I never really knew anything about Dave Parmenter, but I really relate to his comments about open ocean experience, for me – sailing, and how great it is to broaden your ocean awareness beyond the shorebreak.
    That, and his comments about surfing as a wilderness sport and the reminder that surfing is as simple as just looking at a surfboard as a tool to experience nature.
    Really appreciate yours and Scott’s work.
    All the best.

  3. Aaron

    David – great interview with Dave. I was one of the ones who suggested you get him on the mic a month or so ago. Got my first Parmenter over 20 years ago and so happy he’s back on the west coast making boards; he makes some truly magic sticks. If you’re looking for another good interview talk to Greg Martz at one of the best glass shops around (Waterman’s Guild in Santa Ana). He glasses a majority of Dave’s boards over there and has been around a long time and seen a lot (also quite a character).

  4. Bill

    Thanks for the interview. I’m amongst the Dave Parmenter board lovers. I own a Malolo, a Stubb Vector,
    a Fish, and a longboard rare here on the east coast. Oh yes a 10′ C4 SUP. His shapes are magic and he is one of the true craftsmen in surfing and his literacy is unmatched


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