093 – Bootstrapping It with Maurice Agnello and Wayne Okamoto


Bootstrapping it. In today’s episode we analyze the process of starting from scratch in the surf business. The first part of the show is with Maurice Agnello of Edit Surfboards and Used Surf. Maurice explains how he parlayed his humble beginnings delivering blanks Phil Edwards into a unique, industry-leading retail surf brand. In the second half of the show Wayne Okamoto of OakFoils discusses his journey from backyard shaping, to maxillofacial reconstruction, to exotic auto importing, and high-tech, hands-on shaping.  Today we bring you the genesis stories of two fascinating, humble, low-key board builders who invested in themselves, learned along the way, and have become experts in their field. Enjoy!


EditIndustries.com and UsedSurf.com

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3 thoughts on “093 – Bootstrapping It with Maurice Agnello and Wayne Okamoto

  1. mark colino

    I found this episode looking through the past episodes list. After checking OakFoils blogspot I was stoked to find some boards that peaked my interest because they were so different. Great find! Keep up the shaper interviews!!! Hamish Graham out of San Clemente has some crazy good stories of shopping with Hot Stuff at the time Rabbit & Kong rode for them as well as learning to shape channel bottoms with Al Byrne from Burning Spears. You might want to check him out. So many cool craftsman that don’t get big time recognition, but deserve it.

  2. Matt

    Hey David
    Long time listener and love the show – keep up the great work.
    I thought the interview with Wayne was fantastic. That guy seems to be working on a totally different level with a totally different approach to shaping. It was inspiring to listen to.
    Cheers and keep it going!

  3. Curtis killion

    Hey David, loved this episode! I have an oak that I saved from a swap meet in oc. The board is so fun!! God to have it in my quiver. But also I would love to hear an interview with local Hb shaper Jeff doc lausch! or maybe even the guys over at the surf museum and get a little interview about past Hb shapers like Gordie, chuck dent or the plastic fantastic guys. Anyways keep up the great work I listen every week!! Aloha!


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