090 – Surf News, May 26, 2015


David and Scott discuss the Rio Pro pandemonium, the $20 million StabMag purchase, Banting dethroning Slater, why Filipe is greater than Kolohe, oil spilling kooks, Spindle Flipping dukes, and a surf photographer’s Ted Talk. Put your ear buds in, we’re coming in hot. Enjoy!


It’s available for free on WhatYouth.com for the next until May 27th, 8:00 PST. Otherwise, it’ll be available on iTunes shortly. Recommended viewing!

Get it while you can at WhatYouth.com

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Here’s the trailer if you missed the free viewing on WhatYouth

But here’s the real question, how do you beat Filipe’s highlight reel from the past few events???


Here’s the link to the Surfline article.

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Here’s the link to the article

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Congrats to Hahndo14 who racked up the highest single event score of the season in Rio, 1060 in the men’s division. Join our Surf Splendor club on FantasySurfer.com to participate for free. Click over to /fantasy-surfer/ to see how to wager on each event.


Congrats Filipe and Courtney! Here’s the link to the full article.



Matt Meola is my duke for stomping the incredible “Spindle Flip” at the end of this video.

MATT MEOLA – HOME from Matt Meola on Vimeo.


Plaines All-American Pipeline for spilling 100,000 gallons on oil in the Pacific Ocean off Santa Barbara county.

Click here to sign the petition to help stop a new drilling contract in the Atlantic.

One thought on “090 – Surf News, May 26, 2015

  1. Nick

    1) Ah the Brazilian Storm……

    It’s funny how Bassy and David can so wholeheartedly disagree on their “stereotypical Brazilian”. Two different generations I guess. David sees them as high flying and light weight (as many do) Felipe’s and Pupo’s, while Scott thinks they are the kind of flailing, heavy footed, QS grinding Jojo Ovilencia and Peterson Rosa types. David cling to the idea of Brazilians not charging heavy waves, but props for the Guillerme Herdy (Really good tuberider and stylish surfer from the 90’s, even if he wore his leash on the wrong foot). Really, it’s not his fault, it is a product of how the Brazilians are covered in the US.

    PS) Wiggolly has been charging Pipe for years.

    2) David-After burning a ASP rulebook and punching a guy in the face during a trials heat, JOB will never get a wildcard. The only reason he gets in to Pipe is because they can’t keep him out of the event.

    3) Tom Curren Trial to Champion- didn’t ASP give him the wildcard entry everytime he failed to get through the trials?


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