080 – Tom Carroll


Two-Time champ and Three-Time Pipe Master, Tom Carroll talks about the experiences that led to him conquering the surf world and about the demons that nearly cost him everything. Tommy comes clean in his recent book “TC: Tom Carroll”, and shares his message of recovery. Enjoy! (Cameo by Bob McKnight)

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Tom Carroll Snap Heard Round the World Divine


Tom Carroll today

Tom Carroll today

Here’s the 60 minutes piece with Tom and Nick Carroll

2 thoughts on “080 – Tom Carroll

  1. Mike Chlala

    Listened to Tom Carrolls excerpts and and of all the things he said what stuck out to me the most was a quick drive-by statement that spoke about barrel riding where he mentioned someone told him to tuck in his leading shoulder when pulling in, and that helped him come out. Anyway, I tried that very tip the next day and found it worked! Just that quick tip changed the way I thought about pulling in and my technique, or lack there of, has improved. Stoked!


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