079 – Surf News with Peter Townend!


No Pipe Masters?! It could happen. David and Scott uncover a juicy saga that may lead to the unraveling of the WSL. In the 2nd half of show 1976 World Surfing Champion, Peter Townend, joins that show to share his insight into the state of professional surfing. The guys also recap all the turmoil that was the Quiksiver Pro Snapper. Brace yourself. Much to take in. Enjoy!

So psyched to have PT join us for today’s show! Click here to learn everything you need to know about PT (sourced from the EOS).

Surf Splendor Peter Townend 600x600

Click play to watch him rip!

Peter Townend by Dan Merkel, 1974

Peter Townend by Dan Merkel, 1974


Here are links to legal documents and news articles detailing the Shooting Galley’s legal woes.

Court documents from 2003

The Rise and Fall of the Indie Empire from The Village Voice



Filipe Toledo annihilated the competition. His closest competitor, Julian Wilson, didn’t even approach the level of surfing that Filipe exhibited. Truly impressive performance.

Filipe’s Club Sandwich

FREDDY P’s Rock Stomp

Gabriel Medina’s Post Heat Tantrum


Congrats to BoogieBoard4Lyfe for winning the Men’s division and to Dent for winning the Women’s division!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.59.09 PM

We’ve created a PayPal account if you’d like to play for money at Bells. $10 buy-in, winner takes all! Simply go to PayPal and send a $10 payment ($10 for the Men’s division and $10 for the Women’s division, if you’d like) to “hello@surfsplendorpodcast.com”. Be sure to include your Fantasy Surfer name/handle so I can correctly identify and pay you if you win!



David’s: KellySlatHair.com. You’re welcome.

PT’s: Becoming Westerly by Jamie Brisick

Scott’s: Gabriel Medina’s Gillette commercial.


David’s: The Brazilian contingent that’s ravaging the tour.

PT’s: Silvana Lima for overcoming tremendous obstacles to become one of the greatest female surfers on the planet!

Scott’s: Filipe Toledo because, well, click “play”.


David: Gabriel Medina for his post-heat interview and making it so hard to root for him.

PT: Gabriel Medina for the same reason as above.

5 thoughts on “079 – Surf News with Peter Townend!

  1. Taylor

    Love the show guys! What free surfer sells boardshorts? I think it’s a little early to say, but Sterling Spencer’s hookup with Rusty is gonna move some product. While competitive surfers can move product with a couple blowtails and a wink, free surfers are going to have to work a little harder on the creative side. Spencer’s personality and self-made, non-surf videos landed him the gig with Rusty and it seems they are going to rely on him to create the creative content that moves the products.

    I think free surfers that build their personality outside of the water (Granted they still need to perform in the water) and produce content that showcase that personality (think Gudauskas brothers Down Days) will still sell boardshorts. They just need to flex their brain muscles a little more than their paddling muscles.

  2. Teej

    Love listening to you guys and your perspectives, but the sexist remarks are pretty distracting.

    It’s okay to not enjoy watching women’s surfing, but laughing at people that take time to watch it is disappointing to hear.
    Scales [30:07]: “Before we actually jump into those last two days. Prior to the 11 lay days, right after we recorded our show last time, the very next day they ran women’s day 2.
    Bass: “Yeah.”
    Scales: “Frickin’, it was awesome, dude.”
    Bass: “Yeah.”
    Scales: “It was like, arguably the best day of women’s surfing I’ve ever seen.”
    Bass: “Hahahahahaha — I can’t believe you watched it!”
    Scales: “I’m gonna let you jump on that grenade, dude. It was awesome.”
    Bass: “I’m sure it was. Look, I love women’s surfing.”
    Scales: “No you don’t, you just laughed at it.”
    Bass: “No, I just laughed at you for watching it. Hahaha, it has nothing to do with…”
    Scales: “It’s the Quicksilver Roxy Pro, dude! How could you not watch it? What are you watching?”
    Bass: “I just — I have stuff to do.”
    Scales: “I have stuff to do too!”
    Bass: “I can only dedicate so many hours to pro surfing on the web.”
    Scales: “If you love women’s surfing, how is your fantasy surf team for your women’s side?”
    Bass: “I don’t even have a women’s fantasy surf team.”
    Scales: “Exactly, you don’t love women’s surfing.”
    Bass: “I-I-I do love surfing with women.”

    In regards to the mislabeled WSL tweet, Bass blames it on an anonymous woman, assuming she doesn’t surf.
    Bass: [57:43] “That’s probably that girl that’s on the communications, there’s like three people, there’s like Dave Proden, somebody else, and this girl. She’s probably the one that, and she probably doesn’t even surf!”
    Scales: “Maybe it’s an intern situation, maybe she doesn’t get paid, you’re just doing it as experience.

    David Lee Scales brings up the women’s fantasy surfing competition and Bass responds, jokingly:
    Bass: [1:01:27]: “Nobody cares about the women. Hahaha!”

    I basically stopped listening at this point because Scott Bass’ comments were too frustrating.

  3. Mark

    David &Scott,
    Today’s episode was exceptional. You guys continue to raise the bar, both in the David’s Surf Splendor long form interviews and the Surf News week’s with Bassy. You’ve really jelled as a team…Congratulations! Having a knowledgeable and energetic guy, like PT, come in from time to time really does add to the magic. I’ve listened to Scott’s podcasts from the beginning and am now hooked on Surf Splendor as well. It sure beats talk radio when I’m on the road. Good luck with the new shows as well as the upcoming Boardroom show, we’ll see you there…

  4. Adam

    Just watched Medinas Gillette commercial (with one eye closed) ; jeez that’s a lot of effort to remove a bit of the old chest fuzz!

    Great show…PT sounds a hoot :).


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