072 – Chas Smith: Beach Grit!


chas-smith-635In today’s episode of Surf Splendor, we chat with writer Chas Smith. Author of “Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell”, co-founder of BeachGrit.com, friend of Eddie Rothman, enemy of Mick Fanning, Middle East war correspondent, his resume is tapestry of controversy! Gratefully, Chas really engaged in our conversation and offered insight into his past work, motivations, and future projects. Enjoy!

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Welcome to Paradise Now Go To Hell


Here’s some background info and spin-off stories regarding Chas Smith’s controversary with Mick Fanning. Uncharted Waters: Bigotry in Surfing by Zach Weisberg on TheInertia.com

Mick Fanning and Chas Smith

Link to Chas Smith’s Article on Eddie Rothman in Playboy

Fast Eddies Last Stand



9 thoughts on “072 – Chas Smith: Beach Grit!

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  3. Frank

    Funny thing is, that Bruce Irons death row story is from an old Stab issue from like 10 years ago. Whatever happened to your plans on writing a book about male modeling Chas?

  4. Daryn Goodwin

    Love the show! Listen to it every week but especially this episode with Chas. I read the book in route to the North Shore to shoot the Billabong Pipe Pro in December. First time there for that but I had been to the North Shore before. Basically like one of the tourists that Chas described in the book.

    It was epic to walk into Foodland within an hour of arriving and be in line behind Gudauskas at Foodland buying a 12 pack of bud light. Or grabbing my morning coffee at Coffee Bean and listening to everyone discuss the buoys at 5am and whether it was going to be ON that day. I guess my point is that by reading the book I felt more like I was IN THE KNOW and it was if I were jumping into the pages. Chas is an incredible writer.

    I will say this, by my interpretation of reading the book I pictured him to be more of a metrosexual and I guess I expected him to sound a little fem for some reason. By the podcast he seemed more like a dude I’d love to grab some beers with. I hope he does get into podcasting too, I’d be hooked for sure.

    PS – I tagged you in a few things on my insta feed lately. Wonder if you had any insight on that funky pickle fork board I took a shot of. Also did some fun video stuff at Blacks I thought you might enjoy.

    Keep up the solid work and I hope your show keeps gaining the exposure it deserves.

  5. Craig Guy

    I really liked the interview with Chas. The reason I bought and loved his book so much it was because it was real and un-scrubbed (by the brands) stories. I hope Beach Grit will begin to move into giving real content about surfing, surfers and the surf industry. DON’T SELL OUT!
    Also I hope you (Chas) start a podcast, you have the voice and delivery to pull that off.
    Bottom line is Surfing, Surfer etc. are just a life style brochures that are barely worth the $7.00 I pay a year to get.

  6. Dave


    Good interview with Chas he seems less punch-able now. When I compare your interview to Bassy’s interview of Chas I think using functioning audio equipment was a smart move (I’m joking around in a good-natured way). Thanks for reading my comment (no I’m not Dr. Tobias Funke), just to give you forewarning I’m dyslexic so my writing will often lack continuity. I really dig the interviews and also enjoy listening to the back and forth between you and Scott. Keep up the good work.


  7. Collin

    I would stop watching surf competitions if they added full production back-stories that cut away like they do for the Olympics. This is the reason why I can’t watch reality show competitions like survivor. Sappy stories like, “My mom died two years ago and I’m doing this for her,” always seem a bit disingenuous to me. Also if you can’t keep it live then you likely will miss the action that you are there to see. A lull can pick up at any minute. Otherwise I might as well just watch a highlights reel.

    I think there is a middle ground where the announcers should be able to fill in some interesting facts about a surfer or a short biography when there is a break in the action but lets not try and turn these surfers into actors.

    -Listening From Hong Kong


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